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Invest in Rio Grande do Norte

Rio Grande do Norte is one of the Brazilian states located on the edge of the northeastern regions of the country.  The capital city of Rio Grande do Norte is Natal. The capital city is also the largest city in the state. The state is famous for its beautiful beaches, lagoons and coconut palms. According to NASA, the state has the purest air in the entire South American continent.

Rio Grande do Norte is the second-largest petroleum producing state in Brazil. The economy of Rio Grande do Norte is mainly centered on extraction of petroleum, tourism, production of salt (Rio Grande do Norte is the largest producer of salt in the country), agriculture and allied activities.

With its long coastline, the state has a strong fishing industry. The state is one of the leading exporting regions of a variety of fish species. Rio Grande do Norte is one of the leading states in Brazil in the export of shark cartilage. Foreign investors can also consider the fishing industry of Rio Grande do Norte as an investment option.

Rio Grande do Norte is one of the leading petroleum producing states; however, given its long coastline, there is plenty more room to exploit the state’s coast and extract petroleum. Thus, the state promises a good profitable investment opportunity for foreign investors to invest in its petroleum industry.

The agricultural industry of Rio Grande do Norte is by far the leading industry of the state. The state produces a wide array of crops including guava, mangos, cashew, sugarcane, cotton, etc. Rio Grande do Norte is one of the leading exporters of cotton and cashew. The state accounts for about 8.5% of the total exports of Brazil, and the export of cotton from the state accounts for about 13% of the National GDP. There is great investment opportunity for foreign investors to invest in converting the raw agricultural products into finished products. Foreign investors would gain good returns particularly from converting raw cotton into woven cotton and sugarcane into sugar. There is also a good opportunity in growing and exporting of cashew, both fruit and nuts.

With a huge number of tourist destinations to visit, Rio Grande do Norte attracts a large volume of tourists to the state - especially from European countries. The tourism industry is one of the major industries of Rio Grande do Norte. The industry also promises great investment opportunity for foreign investors. Foreign investors can invest in constructing resorts, spas, restaurants, beachside oases, etc. With the Federal government of Brazil’s initiative to attract tourism in the state, the investors stand a great chance to earn profitable returns.


The peculiar advantages of investing in Rio Grande do Norte is as follows:

1) The state has a very strategic location. Its location in the northeastern region provides a gateway to the European markets. Foreign investors would gain tremendously from this as the city allows them easy access to tap European markets.

2) Rio Grande do Norte is one of the states in Brazil that has excellent town planning. It has a very well-laid-out and strategic transit system. This enables the easy flow of goods.

3) Public services are well distributed throughout the state and can be used easily.

4) Foreign investors investing in diverse sectors of the state would get an easy and continuous supply of skilled workforce.

Thus, owing to the following advantageous features, the state is one of the best regions of Brazil to invest in.