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Invest in Piaui

Piaui is a Brazilian state that is located in the northeastern part of the country. The state has the shortest coastline in the country. Piaui is a home for the UNESCO world heritage site, the National Park of Serra da Capivara. The national park is known for boasting more than 400 archaeological sites and has the largest concentration of rock paintings of anywhere in the world. The city of Tersina is the capital city of Piaui. With more than 3,041,000 people living in the state, it is one of the most thickly populated states in Brazil.

One of the major dominating industries in Piaui is the agricultural industry. The agriculture industry of Piaui accounts for approximately about 13% of the total GDP of Brazil. A huge variety of crops which include cotton, soybeans, crustaceans, potatoes, etc., are grown extensively throughout the state. Piaui is one of the major states in Brazil for exporting agricultural goods. The state accounts for about 15% of the total export of cotton in the country.

Piaui also exports cashews, which accounts for about 13% of national exports, and the state’s soybean exports accounts for 17.1% of total national exports. However, the largest contributor of agricultural exports of the state is the export of essential oil. It accounts for more than 20% of national exports. The state, though it has huge agricultural exports, it still has potential to improve its productivity. Thus, foreign investors can consider investing in the agricultural sector of Piaui as it promises great returns.

Piaui has a huge population of cattle. As a result, the state has quite a big leather industry. The leather exports of the state account for about 9% of the total of Brazil’s exports. Thus, there is great opportunity for foreigners to invest in the leather industry of Piaui, especially in manufacturing of leather goods. Investors can also investing in providing tanning facilities to local manufacturers. Investors investing in this industry are sure to earn profits, as there would be no shortage of supply of raw material.

The real estate sector of Piaui is currently experiencing a major boom. This is mainly because of the overall progress of the economy of the state. Another crucial reason for the growth of the real estate industry is the increasing influx of immigrants to the state. In addition, the property rates in Piaui are comparatively lesser than many places in Europe. As a result, the real estate sector provides a rewarding investment opportunity for foreign investors. Foreign investors can invest in building residential buildings, commercial parks, hotels, etc.

Advantages of investing in Piaui for foreign investors are as follows:

  • Foreign investors investing in diverse sectors of Piaui can avail tax benefits and other incentives provided by the Federal government of Brazil.
  • There is no shortage of labor supply. Foreign investors would get continuous supply of a highly educated and technically qualified work force.
  • The political set-up in Piaui is democratic and stable.


Thus, the state of Piaui is one of the best states in Brazil that provides foreign investors several options to invest in its diverse sectors. Foreign investors investing Piaui are sure to earn tremendous returns on their investments.