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Investment opportunities in Minas Gerais

Minas Gerais is the second most-populated and second most-richest state of Brazil. The service sector is the largest contributor towards the GDP of the state of Minas Gerais. It has marked economic divisions. The northeastern region of the state is characterized by poverty; however, Teófilo Otoni and Governador Valaderas play a key role in attracting foreign traders for its semi-precious gemstones such as sapphire and topaz. The central region has huge iron deposits. It also houses reputed companies such as Iveco and Fiat. The southern region has many medium-sized cities boasting of solid industrial bases including: Varginha, Juiz de Fora, Pocos de Caldas and Pouso Alegre.  Western Minas Gerais is comparatively less densely populated and is being seen as a hub of biotechnology-related investment.

Currently there are two major projects in which investors can consider investing in. These areas of investment are:

Concession of 16 lots of highways:

The state of Minas Gerais has the largest highway system in Brazil. It links several areas of the central and northeast regions to the areas in the southeast and south. The Minas Gerais state government is planning to introduce a competitive bidding process for the concession via the Public-Private Partnership method. The government is expecting a private investment of R$3.5 billion and the creation of R$12.5 billion in deals throughout the entire concession period. The private sector was provided the chance to contribute with essential studies to the execution of the project, by a process called Request for Expression of Interest (EOI). After the request is received, the Minas Gerais state will process the compilation of all the information obtained from the private sector to establish an excellent model.

Why to invest in this project?

The profitable thing is that highway concessions in Brazil have reached a very extraordinary level of maturity. The state has explicitly committed to structure a good project. By investing in this ambitious project, investors can get profitable return rates in the long run, in a tested and solid legal environment.

Public-Private Partnership Project in the Penitentiary System:

As per this contract, the private partners shall be held responsible for the development of a penitentiary complex for about 3,000 male inmates. In addition, the private partners will be liable for both the operation and the maintenance of the undertaking. Private partners will also be given compensation based on the availability of location and abidance of various performance levels that are objectively laid down in the agreement. The amount of investment estimated is above US$100 million and the contract is anticipated to be of 27 years.

Why to invest in the project?

There’s an inhibited necessity associated with the number of available spots to inmates. Private partners will be allowed to present the outline of the project after ensuring that all the minimum standards are met. The private partners can gain a significant profit by investing in this project.

The state also has a hospitable and skilled labor force. Thus, investors can reap the benefits of investing in a business-friendly region such as Minas Gerais.