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Invest in Ceara

Ceara is one of the 26 Brazilian states, and is located in the northeastern part of the country.  The state, situated in the coastal regions of the Atlantic Ocean, is one of the major tourist attracting places in Brazil. The state is best known for its huge coastline that spreads to about 573 kilometers. In addition, Ceara also has huge forests which have natural resources in abundance. The state of Ceara is also known as the abolition land, for it was the first region in Brazil which abolished slavery. The capital city of Ceara is Fortaleza, which boasts of magnificent architectural structures and is the prime tourist attracting place in the state.

Initially the economy of Ceara was mainly dominated by the agricultural and allied industries. However, over the years, the situation has changed and the state has been experiencing a slow but steady industrial boom.  Today, the cloth manufacturing sector in the State of Ceara ranks as Brazil’s second largest in terms of exports and production activities. Besides manufacturing of clothes, Ceara also boasts of huge manufacturing opportunities in shoe production, making of furniture and metallurgy. These sectors also promise great foreign investments.

Apart from the above-mentioned industries, there are other sectors in Brazil which promise great investment opportunities for foreign investors. The sectors are discussed below:


Tourism Industry:

The Tourism industry is one of the industries in Brazil that is flourishing at a rapid pace throughout the country. The industry is one of the significant contributors to the overall Brazilian economy. Tourism in Ceara is no exception. The magnificent architectural structures and the beautiful beaches pulls in huge numbers.


Real Estate Industry:

Ceara has a huge real estate industry with immense rental revenues. The constant development of the region is paving way for a few leading investors to build luxurious beach villas, residential apartments, community resorts, and commercial and industrial complexes. The growth of the real estate sector in Ceara is underpinned by the Brazilian government’s keen interest to promote tourism industry and other industrial sectors of Ceara. 

Advantages of Investing in Ceara:


  • The Brazilian government encourages foreign investment in the state. The government allows investors to have 100% ownership of land and property.
  • The currency of Brazil is always stable.
  • The government of Brazil offers tax benefits and incentives to investors in Ceara.
  • Analysts suggest that the State of Ceara would be one of the leading economic states of Brazil in the near future.
  • Ceara is regarded as a low-risk state in terms of any natural calamity like hurricanes, tsunamis or any external threats.
  • The people of Ceara are very hospitable, cheerful and receptive towards immigrants from foreign countries. So, the investors can also consider settling in Ceara.
  • The climatic condition in Ceara is pleasant throughout the year.
  • The cost of living in Ceara is quite low as compared to cities of European countries.


With these advantageous features, Ceara is one of the best places in Brazil to invest in.  Foreign investors investing in Ceara’s various investment sectors are sure to earn profitable returns on their investments.