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Invest in Bahia

Bahia is one of the 26 states in Brazil. The state is located in the northeastern part of the country along the Atlantic coast. It is one of the important states in Brazil. The state has a very vibrant and lively culture, besides having historical significance. The state of Bahia is a very densely populated region in Brazil; it ranks as the fourth most-populated state in the country. The capital city of Bahia is Salvador. The state is very famous for its huge coastline. The coast stretches to about 1,103 km long. The state is naturally endowed with a very pleasant climatic condition.

The state also has significance from the economic point of view of the country. Bahia has the sixth largest economy in the country. The state is one of the biggest contributors to the National GDP. It accounts for about 4.9% of the country’s GDP. The state has huge industrial and service sectors. The state also has significant agricultural, minerals and petroleum industries. It is Brazil’s leading state in producing and exporting cocoa.

Bahia has huge natural deposits of minerals and petroleum products. The state is one of the leading exporters in the country. Chemicals, paper, soybean, motors and metallic products constitute huge parts of Bahia’s exports. Investors can make optimum use of the petroleum deposits in the country by investing in setting up petroleum refineries.

Bahia has a significant agricultural sector. Foreign investors can reap great returns by investing in its agricultural and allied activities. Great investment opportunity lies in providing technological support to help increase productivity.

The state of Bahia also offers foreign investors tremendous investment opportunity in its real estate segment. The state of Bahia has a huge and beautiful coastline and it attracts huge tourism from around the world. Leading investors from around the world, especially from Spain and Portugal, are seeing Bahia as a very lively and profit-bearing investment destination. The investors are investing billions of dollars in building hotels, luxurious villas and beachside oases.

There are also vast investment opportunities to invest in building golf resorts, spas, multi-cuisine restaurants, leisure facilities, etc. Due to the continuously increasing prices of property in Europe, an increasing number of foreign investors are seeing Brazil, especially Bahia, as an excellent destination for investing in the real estate sector. Investing in Bahia’s real estate is particularly advantageous because of the following reasons:


  • The economy of the state is developing rapidly.


  • To encourage foreign investment the Federal government of Brazil provides tax benefits and incentives to foreign investors.


  • There is a growing influx of immigrants coming into Bahia.


  • The exchange rate throughout Brazil is very favorable for investors.


  • Prices of real estate in Bahia are extremely affordable as compared to other places in the US and Europe. People even with average income can afford to have a luxurious beachside villa. As a result, many people are willing to invest in such villas.


  • The cost of living in Bahia is about 20-40% lower than other cities in Europe. Any investor investing in Bahia can consider settling in the state.


  • Business Analysts claim Bahia has a very bright investment potential in land and properties.