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Invest in Amazonas

Amazonas State is located in the northwest part of Brazil. It is the largest state in Brazil and is well known for its immense forest cover. It derives its name from the Amazon River and has Pico da Neblina, the highest peak in Brazil. Most of this state, about 98%, is encompassed with the Amazon rainforest. 

The mining sector is amongst the main sectors in the Amazonas. The mine in Pitinga alone accounts for up to 80% of the country’s tin production.  It is also a source of tantalum. Thus, exports in the area offer a good investment potential.

There are also oil and gas reserves in Silves and Urucu. Further investment in this area can lead to more finds. There are also deposits of silvinita present here. Harvesting of gold, bauxite, niobium and kaolin also has tremendous potential. In addition, investment in this sector is encouraged and hence there are no hassles involved. 

Apart from these, there are projects ongoing in Nova Olinda do Norte to extract silvinita. Also, gas reserves in Urucu are also being explored further.

In addition, integration of mining along with industry is also a plus of investing in the Amazonas. Paper industries can make use of the kaolin deposits in Amazon. Apart from these, the construction and ceramic industries also offer huge potential. Manaus, the capital of Amazonas, is a free zone. Businesses can thus make use of both the government’s tax incentives and tap the abundant mineral resources too. In the field of agriculture, integrating natural gas with potassium can help in fertilization.

The government is very co-operative and encourages investment in this region to further explore the huge reserves of Amazonas.

The tourism industry is also prevalent in Amazonas. The rainforest and terrain attract many tourists. Manaus is a crucial center for ecological tourism. The INPA (National Research Institute of Amazonia) has a complex having botanical and zoological gardens, which are popular tourist destinations. Manaus also has many museums to explore.

Sport fishing, boat rides and forest hikes are popular attractions.  The Amazon rainforest, Mamirauá and Rio Acajatuba are famous. Thus, the tourism industry also offers scope for investment and future growth.  

Manaus also is making a mark on the manufacturing of electronic and electrical goods. It is the leading supplier for the whole of Brazil. Hence, this industry also offers scope.

Amazonas also deals in agriculture. Farming of oranges, cassava and other products is also done. Hence, this is also a good sector for investment.

In all, the mining and tourism industries offer immense prospects for investment in Amazonas. Apart from these, agriculture and electronics are also rising and offer potential. Thus overall, Amazonas is a good area for investment.