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Invest in Brazil News

  • Rio games are expected to generate $ 200 million in tourism

    The Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro should generate $ 200 million in extra expenses of tourists between July and September. The estimate was made by the Central Bank and published on Tuesday (26).

  • Brazil attracts $ 3.9 billion in productive investment in June

    Even in the midst of a process of economic recovery and investor confidence, Brazil remains attractive for foreign capital. Only in June, the country raised $ 3.9 billion in direct investments in the country - resources allocated to the productive sector so that they can generate wealth.

  • Encouraging innovation part of renewed Brazil’s growth agenda

    The Minister Marcos Pereira received on Tuesday, a document with the main demands of important entities to encourage investment in innovation in Brazil. They call for the implementation of protection mechanisms for investors, less bureaucratic procedures, tax incentives and create co-investment funds.

  • Marcos Pereira says that Brazil takes off after impeachment

    The Minister of Industry, Trade and Services, Marcos Pereira, said on Tuesday, during a lecture at the headquarters of the National Industry Confederation (CNI), that Brazil should resume growth route from impeachment. "We need to signal with concrete measures from the confirmation of the President of the removal process Dilma, by the Senate, and municipal elections in October. Until then, we have limitations, "he said.

  • Brazilian guarantee silver in handball in Cape Verde

    With victory over Angola, Teresina students returned home with the runner-up in the Commonwealth Games of the Portuguese Speaking Countries

    The Brazilian school handball team won the silver medal in the Commonwealth Games of the Portuguese Speaking Countries (CPLP), played in Cape Verde, Africa.

  • UNESCO elects five Brazilian attractions as intangible heritage

    Brazil has 38 artistic events that were considered by the Historical and Artistic Heritage Institute (IPHAN) as Intangible Heritage or Intangible Assets. Classification is intended to life expressions and traditions that communities, groups and individuals around the world receive from their ancestors and pass on to their descendants.

  • Women represent 53% of voters in Brazil

    According to TSE, women aged between 45 and 59 years were the most active in the electronic ballot boxes in the last elections

  • About 64% of Brazilian enrolled in the Positive Credit left the debtors list

    A survey conducted by Serasa Experian - record company debt of people and Brazilian companies - shows that a significant number of consumers who have opened the Positive Credit left the defaulters list.

    The research reveals that, of 3.087 million consumers registered in the Register Plus, 63.9% came from the list of debtors, even with some restriction on credit in the last two years.

  • Stock of Brazilian Federal Public Debt grows 2.77% in June

    The stock of the Federal Public Debt (DPF) Brazil increased 2.77% in June compared to May, from R $ 2.878 trillion to R $ 2.958 trillion. The Public Debt Domestic Federal (DPMFi) grew 3.41% between the two months to R $ 2.837 trillion, while the Federal Public Debt (DPFe) External decreased 10.34% to R $ 120.77 billion, influenced by appreciation of the real against foreign currencies.

  • Olympic Torch arrives in Sao Paulo on Sunday

    On Sunday (24), the Olympic torch will pass through attractions in São Paulo (SP). To receive the Olympic symbol, are planned air operations, orchestra show and traditional band, plus circus interventions.

    The Ministry of Culture allocated funds to 14 cities that received the torch promoted cultural activities in public spaces in general circulation. The transfers ranged from  R $ 192,000 to R $ 250,000.

  • Brazil Government begins registration of exporters to China

    Brazil's grain exporters to China must apply for registration until the 12th of August by the Federal Agriculture Superintendence of the state where they are located. The measure aims to meet the decree 177/2016, of Quality Supervision General Administration, Inspection and Quarantine (AQSIQ), sanitary agency of the Chinese government.

  • Embrapa's assessment suggests that integrated production provides more profits

    The return of investment made by the producers who adopt integrated production as the crop-livestock-forest systems (IAFP) is greater than those who use only the crops or livestock.The result was identified in agrosilvopastoral Embrapa by evaluating four Technological and Economic Reference Units (Urte) in Mato Grosso. 

  • Brazil Government suspends registration of 186,000 fishermen

    The Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply (MAPA) suspended 186,106 records of traditional fishermen.  The decision was made ​​because fishermen did not maintain the registration, as foreseen in the legislation, after the publication of the decree  No. 11 of July 21 2016 . 

  • Brazil Government publishes Revenue Assessment report and expenses of the 3rd quarter

    The  Income and Expenditure Primary Evaluation Report  for the third quarter 2016 (May and June) brings to conclusion the confirmation of tax risks related to the frustration of revenue and increased compulsory expenditure in the period. These risks had been considered when setting the primary balance target of R $ 170

  • Marcos Pereira in Maranhao launches programs to support exports and develop industry in the Northeast Brazil

    The Minister Marcos Pereira launched on Friday in Sao Luis in Maranhao, the National Plan of Export Culture and Brazil More Productive Program. According to the minister, the initiatives incorporate measures of industrial policy and foreign trade that enable companies have focused on increasing competitiveness.

  • Treasury launches $ 1.5 billion in bonds in the US market

    The National Treasury the final result of the launch of the Republic bonus called GLOBAL 2047, maturing on February 21, 2047, and volume of US $ 1.5 billion issued in the US market with a rate of 5.875% per annum, coupon of 5.625% and a spread of 357.20 basis points above the Treasury (under the US Treasury).

  • Treasury Direct hits record of registered investors in June

    In June, the Treasury Direct recorded 66,218 new registered investors, as many observed since the beginning of the program. With this, the total number of registered investors reached 834,835 at the end of the month, representing an increase of 60.0% over the past 12 months. The number of active investors (who actually have applications) reached 306,680, a variation of 86.7% last year.

  • CMN authorizes assumption of liabilities by public entities

    The National Monetary Council (CMN) approved in an extraordinary meeting resolution authorizing the assumption of obligations by public entities.

    Resolution no. 4505 of July 20, 2016: authorizes the assumption of obligations by public entities

  • Brazil announces mandate for bonus release in dollars

    Brasilia. The National Treasury which granted mandate for the bonus release of Republic denominated in US dollars, maturing on February 21, 2047, the Global 2047.

    The issue will be led by Deutsche Bank, HSBC and Goldman Sachs. The title will be issued in the global market and the results will be announced at the end of today.

    July 21, 2016.

  • Marcos Pereira signs resolutions Camex encouraging industrial investment of US $ 375 million

    The Minister of Industry, Trade and Services, Marcos Pereira, signed two new resolutions of the Foreign Trade Chamber (Camex) that reduce the import duty to 226 machines and equipment that are not produced in Brazil. The measures entered into force today, with the publication in the Official Gazette.

  • Brazil is first in the Games World School

    Brazilian students won the first place in the overall standings of the 16th Gymnasíade, the largest and most important student sports championship, which ended last Monday (18). The city of Trabzon in Turkey, the Brazilian team said goodbye with 128 medals, including 57 gold, 32 silver and 39 bronze medals.  The second place in the overall medal went to the host country, which won 119 medals.

  • Brazil Trade confidence reaches highest level in 15 months

    Trust Trade entrepreneur begins to show pace more intense recovery. In July, rose 10.7% to reach 87 points, this is the highest level in 15 months. The data were disclosed on Wednesday (20) by the National Confederation of Trade in Goods, Services and Tourism (CNC).

  • Olympic and Paralympic Games are a positive factor for world tourism, says UNWTO

    According to the World Tourism Organization, the sector grew 5% from January to April this year

    A statement from the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), released on Tuesday (19.7), points to the Olympic and Paralympic Games in Brazil as one of the factors that will positively impact the world tourism during the second half of the year.

  • Aviation starts operations in airspace Control Room for Rio 2016

    For 67 days, there will be continuous sharing of information on arrivals and departures of flights carrying athletes, officials, delegations and tourists.