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Invest in Brazil News

  • Previous inflation is the lowest for January since 1994


    Rate is 0.31%, influenced by housing prices, residence items and clothing. In 12 months, variation was 5.94%

    Inflation in Brazil began in 2017 in sharp deceleration. The Broad Consumer Price Index - 15 (IPCA-15) was 0.31% in January, the lowest level for the first month of the year since 1994, when the real plan was created.

  • Learn how to get the Guarantee Fund out of dormant accounts

    Guarantee Fund

    Schedule of withdrawals and places for withdrawals should be disclosed as of February. Balance can be consulted on the internet

    In February, the federal government will release a timetable that will enable workers to fully withdraw from the FGTS. Withdrawal may be made to inactive accounts by December 31, 2015.

  • Temer guarantees full withdrawal of inactive FGTS accounts

    Economic Recovery

    Measure will inject about R $ 30 billion into the Brazilian economy and allow the resumption of growth

    President Michel Temer assured on Thursday (19) that the withdrawal of inactive accounts of the Fund of Guarantee of Time of Service (FGTS) will be integral, in any amount. The measure will inject about R $ 30 billion in the Brazilian economy this year and will allow the resumption of economic growth.

  • Petrobras completes sale of US $ 4 billion in bonds abroad


    Demand for the papers was about five times larger than the final contracted volume of approximately $ 19 billion

    Petrobras concluded on Tuesday (17), the offering of securities in the international capital market, worth US $ 4 billion, called global notes. 

  • Producers take R $ 72 billion in rural credit

    Business Agriculture

    Agricultural financing contracting grew 2.3% in the second semester of 2016. Investment in machinery and implements led

    Influenced by investments in machinery and implements, medium and large rural producers contracted R $ 72 billion in credit in the second half of 2016 - 2.3% higher than in the same period of the previous year.

  • CNI: Entrepreneurs trust starts high year

    Industry recovery

    With expectations improving for the future, industries became more optimistic between December and January

    Industrialists began the year with confidence on the rise. According to the National Confederation of Industry (CNI), from December to January, the indicator that measures the optimism of these entrepreneurs rose from 48 points to 50.1.

  • BC projects inflation of 4% for 2017 and 3.4% for 2018

    Copom Minutes

    Document explaining the reasons for the more intense cut in basic interest (Selic) brings favorable forecasts for the consumer

  • Meirelles: "Recession was caused by a series of mistakes we inherited"


    During an interview at the World Economic Forum, minister said that Brazil is correcting the inherited macroeconomic errors

  • Brazil is close to recovering investment grade, says Meirelles


    In an interview with the international news agency, Minister of Finance said that Brazil is on the way to investment grade

    Finance Minister Henrique Meirelles said that Brazil is on the way to regaining the investment grade - a kind of seal that classifies a country as held or not for investors. The statement was made during an interview to agency Bloomberg in Davos (Switzerland).

  • Brazil increases industrialized exports in 2016

    Trade balance

    Manufactured goods grew 8% compared to 2015, while semimanufactured goods increased 9.5% from one year to another

    Brazil has increased the export of technology in 2016. Data from the Ministry of Industry, Foreign Trade and Services reveal that the sale of more complex products, classified as manufactured, grew 8% between last year and 2015.

  • Balance has a surplus of US $ 120 million in the second week of the year

    Trade balance

    Trade surplus is US $ 341 million accumulated in the month. In the period, exports totaled US $ 5.939 billion

    The trade balance had a surplus of US $ 120 million in the second week of January, according to data released by the Ministry of Industry, Foreign Trade and Services on Monday (16). In the period, exports totaled US $ 2.919 billion, and imports, US $ 2.799 billion.

  • Market bets on interest of 9.75% per year in 2017

    Focus Bulletin

    Analysts heard by the Central Bank projected a continuous drop in the base rate (Selic). For 2018, expectation is that it retreat to 9.5%

  • Brazil builds scenario for sustainable growth

    Economic recovery

    Inflation, dollar, Brazil risk, interest, stock market, trade, all these factors show that the economy is increasingly sustainable

  • GDP Monitor shows growth of 0.67% in November 2016

    Economic Recovery

    Getúlio Vargas Foundation verified improvement in the monthly indicator and progress in exports

  • Economic activity registers high of 0.20% in November, says BC


    Favorable result of the period was pulled by retail sales, which grew 2% in November versus the month of October

    Driven by retail sales, the country rebounded in November last year. Data from the Central Bank show that, in comparison with October, the advance was 0.20%.

  • Service sector registers 0.1% increase in November


    In relation to October, the increase was 2.4 percentage points; Volume of services increased in the states of Bahia, Amazonas and Mato Grosso

  • Conab conducts corn freight auction this Friday (13)


    There will be 2,567 tons of grain destined to small farmers and small agroindustries in the states of Acre and Ceará

    The National Supply Company (Conab) performs, on Friday (13), the first freight auction of the year to remove 2,567 tons of corn grain for  the small farmers and small agro-industries that use grain in animal food.

  • With Selic fall, stock exchange rises and dollar falls

    Financial market

    The Ibovespa, which opened Thursday at 62,000 points, ended the day at 63,954, up 2.41%. Dollar down 0.54%

  • Cash liberates R $ 6 billion for advance financing line in rural credit


    Credit will be available for crops up to 270 days before the start of the 2014/2018 Summer Harvest

    On Wednesday (11), Caixa Econômica announced the amount of R $ 6 billion for the line of Early Provision in rural credit, to finance the crops up to 270 days before the beginning of the planting of the Summer Harvest 2017/2018.

  • See how low inflation can help growth


    With controlled inflation, cost of living falls, projects leave the drawer, companies hire more employees and perform more investments

    The result of the Broad Consumer Price Index (IPCA) of 2016, which stood at 6.29%, means more money in the consumer's pocket. This number shows that prices went up less than expected and that they were within a tolerance range.

  • Inflation ends 2016 at the lowest level in three years

    Cost of living

    Extended Consumer Price Index (IPCA) ended last year at 6.29%, the lowest rate since 2013. Food prices helped

    Brazil's official inflation closed last year at the lowest level in three years. The Broad Consumer Price Index (IPCA) stood at 6.29% - below the target ceiling (6.5%) and much lower than the result of 2015, when the rate was 10.67%. The price deceleration in 2016 was still the largest in the last decade.

  • Industrial production grows 0.2% between October and November


    Almost all industry categories recorded favorable numbers from month to month

    Influenced mainly by vehicles and trucks, industrial production showed a positive result in November. In comparison with October, according to the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE), the indicator advanced 0.2%.

  • December closes as best month of 2016 for sale of vehicles


    Licensing grew 14.69% compared to November. With this performance, 204,300 automobiles were released to run

  • NY brokerage expects resumption of growth and low interest rates in Brazil

    Economic Expectations

    OppenheimerFunds, a North American manager who manages about R $ 700 billion in resources, says she felt encouraged with Brazil after meetings with government technicians Michel Temer