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Invest in Brazil News

  • Rotary's interest rates fall to the lowest level in 18 months

    Credit Market

    Data released by the Central Bank reveal that the interest rate of the credit card rotary dropped substantially in April

    In the midst of a scenario of falling inflation and structural interest rates, the Brazilian consumer has one more reason to celebrate. After one month of changes in credit card rules, interest rates fell from 490.3% a year to 422.5%. A substantial drop of 67.8 percentage points in April.

  • President of Petrobras celebrates company "turnaround"

    Oil and gas

    In a letter to Petrobras employees, Pedro Parente celebrates advances in his management and reaffirms commitment to the state

    In the face of signs of recovery and more solid numbers, Brazil's state-owned company is consolidating a "turnaround" in the financial scenario. The assessment was made by the president of Petrobras , Pedro Parente, in a letter to the employees of the oil company.

  • Feirão da Caixa will offer about 230 thousand properties


    First stage of the event happens from Friday (26) in eleven Brazilian capitals

    The 13th edition of the Feirão da Casa itself takes place from May 26th to 28th in eleven state capitals. Created by Caixa Econômica Federal, the real  estate event offers workers options for financing real estate. In this first stage, 228 thousand properties will be made available.

  • Consumer confidence up in May, says FGV


    In the month, the indicator that measures the expectation of financial situation has advanced to the highest level in three years

    In May, the Consumer Confidence Index (ICC), measured by the Getulio Vargas Foundation (FGV), rose 2 points and reached 84.2 points, on a scale of zero to 200. In relation to the same period last year, Indicator was up 13.5 points. In the year, the cumulative increase was 11.1 points.

  • Foreign capital inflow on Bovespa totals US $ 4.6 billion

    Capital market

    Until May 19, São Paulo Stock Exchange registered a US $ 4.654 billion ticket on the stock exchange. The data are from Bovespa

  • GDP, inflation and interest rates show improvement with Temer management

    #Brazil Now

    Reforms and changes to reorganize the country were decisive for improving the economic scenario

    With the reforms proposed by the government Michel Temer and the changes promoted to reorganize the economy, the country has grown again, inflation has fallen and interest rates have fallen. Indicators make clear the change with the beginning of management and how these measures have created a better future perspective.

  • In 12 months, inflation is the lowest since 2007

    Cost of living

    Among the groups that make up the IPCA-15, the main influencer of the month was the price of transport, which slowed down 0.40%

  • BC: reforms have put economy on the "right path"


    In a speech, Ilan Goldfajn emphasizes that economic reforms must be carried forward

    On Monday (22), the  president of the Central Bank, Ilan Goldfajn, reinforced the need for Brazil to move forward with the agenda of economic reforms. According to him, "positive results" have already been shown in the face of the change of direction of economic policy to the "right path" in the last year.

  • Market keeps positive scenario for economy in 2017


    For experts, Brazil will end the year with lower cost of living and greater economic advance

  • Feirão da Caixa will offer about 230 thousand properties


    First stage of the event happens from Friday (26) in eleven Brazilian capitals

    The 13th edition of the Feirão da Casa itself takes place from May 26th to 28th in eleven state capitals. Created by Caixa Econômica Federal, the real  estate event offers workers options for financing real estate. In this first stage, 228 thousand properties will be made available.

  • Government updates nomas for the production and sale of forest species in the Country Agriculture


    Measure determines exemption of controls for small producers and authorization for street vending

    The regulation of the production, commercialization and use of seeds and seedlings of forest species was published in this siesta (19) by the  Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply.


    May 17, 2017 in the Russian Ministry of Industry held a meeting of the Director of International Cooperation Department Alexey Gospodareva with the delegation of the Government of Madhya Pradesh (India). The Indian delegation was led by Chief Secretary (Commerce) Department of Industry and Employment of the Government of the State of Madhya Pradesh, Mr. Mohammed Suleman .

  • Risk rating agency says reforms are important for Brazil

    Financial market

    This kind of weighting works as a seal of reliability of the country with foreign investors

    Ratings agency Fitch Ratings has maintained Brazil's foreign currency credit note at BB and its outlook is negative. This note is a kind of seal that attests to the reliability of the country with foreign investors. In confirming the note, even in a turbulent time, the agency stressed the importance of ongoing reforms.

  • Industrial production has better 1st quarter since 2013


    Production recorded growth of 0.6% in comparison with the same period last year

    With the recovery of the economy, industrial production begins to show signs of recovery. According to a survey by the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics ( IBGE ), in the  quarter ended in March, there was a 0.6% growth of the sector. 

  • CNPE approves second round of pre-salt bidding

    Oil and gas

    In a dispatch, an organ linked to the Ministry of Mines and Energy officially approved the event, which should raise R $ 3.4 billion in signature bonuses

    In a dispatch published on Thursday (4) in the Official Gazette (DOU), the National Energy Policy Council (CNPE) approved the holding of the second round of bidding for blocks in the pre-salt area under a sharing regime.

  • Conab sends 59,000 tonnes of corn to North and Northeast


    Transportation, negotiated through an auction, will guarantee maize for small breeders serviced by the Over-the-Counter Sales Program

  • Growing number of Brazilians optimistic about the economy, says Datafolha


    In the face of economic reforms, the perception of Brazilians regarding the direction of the economy has improved.

    The perception of Brazilians regarding the country's economy is more optimistic. Between December and April, the number of Brazilians who believe in the improvement of the economic scenario grew. In that same period, the portion of the population that saw the economy with pessimism declined.

  • Most sectors return to employment in the first quarter


    Research based on data from Caged reveals that branches linked to exports were the ones that presented better performance

    The labor market is beginning to show signs of recovery. A survey by the National Confederation of Trade in Goods, Services and Tourism (CNC) shows that 13 of 25 sectors created new vacancies in the first quarter of the year - export-related branches recorded the best performances.

  • Financial market improves projection for GDP


    In the view of analysts, the exit from the recession will occur in the face of a scenario of falling interest rates and the cost of living of Brazilians

  • Labor modernization marks new historical moment in the country

    Rights of the worker

    This year's celebration of Labor Day is marked by modernization proposals to accompany the labor market

  • Temer inaugurates new Japanese culture project

    Brazil-Japan Relations

    Venue brings the two countries together through cultural awareness and new business opportunities

    President Michel Temer inaugurated the Japan House São Paulo space this Sunday (30 April). The project is a global initiative by the Japanese government aiming to offer cities worldwide a new perspective on contemporary Japan. São Paulo was the first city in the world chosen to join the initiative.

  • Central Bank receives more than 19,000 declarations in the second phase of repatriation


    To date, the monetary authority has already received almost $ 50 billion in the two phases of the program that regulates undeclared assets abroad

  • Deadline to submit statement ends at 23:59 this Friday

    IRPF 2017

    Federal Revenue has already received 26.4 million statement. Taxpayer who misses the deadline will have to pay a fine

  • Industry confidence holds the highest level since 2014


    For most of the companies interviewed by the FGV, economic environment should improve in the coming months