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Invest in Brazil News

  • French advertising and communications MNC Publicis Groupe to acquire AG2 a digital agency in Brazil

    Publicis Groupe Monday announced that it had struck a deal for the acquisition of AG2, one of Brazil’s foremost and biggest independent digital agency. In the agreement deal that sealed the acquisition, Publicis announced that AG2 will be aligned with Publicis Modem, Publicis global network’s digital unit but will be renamed AG2 Publicis Modem. On the same breadth, AG2 will however retain its chief executive officer, Cesar Paz but he will henceforth be answerable to the Chief executive of Publicis Brazil, Orlando Marques.

  • Canadian mining company Teck Resources Ltd acquires 50% in Brazil’s Horizonte Minerals Plc.

    Canadian mining company Teck Resources Ltd last week announced it had agreed on a deal with Brazilian company Horizonte Minerals for the acquisition of about 50% control in Horizonte Minerals.  According to the details released under the terms of the agreement by Horizonte Minerals, the deal is expected to result in one of the largest nickel projects in the country.

  • Brazil Iron ore producer Vale SA in takeover offer for Brazilian copper smelter Paranapanema

    Brazil’s Vale SA, the biggest iron ore producer globally, Thursday said it had agreed on a deal that will see it takeover Paranapanema, the Brazilian copper smelter. In a move the company said is aimed at diversifying its revenue generation sources, Vale SA said it would be remitting 2 billion Brazilian reals, about US$1.13 billion for the buy out of the copper smelter.

  • Spanish telecom major Telefonica finally takes control of Brazilian firm Vivo from Portugal Telecom

    In a twist of harrowing but successful turn around, Telefonica Wednesday announced it had finally managed to seal the deal with Portugal Telecom for the acquisition of the Portuguese Telecoms company’s stake in Vivo, the Brazilian telecoms major. In its statement to the Spanish Stock Exchange, the Spanish telecoms giant, Telefonica, said it had won full control of the mobile phone joint venture it had entered with Portugal Telecom in the Brazilian firm, Vivo, after raising its offer for the thrid time.

  • Chinese Investors leading FDI inflows into Brazil

    In its quest to fuel its rapid economic growth and expansion, Chinese investments have increased tremendously in Brazil, reported the Washington post. In its strategy to ensure a steady supply of resources for development, Chinese state firms are on a globe trotting prowl for investments and so far Brazil appears to be a favorite target. The Asian economic tiger has over $2 trillion in its foreign reserves and is encouraging state firms to seek growth outside of China to supplement the reduced growth domestically.

  • Brazilian auto rental company Localiza Rent a Car in deal with auto companies for supply of 85,000 Cars at $1.4 billion

    Localiza Rent a Car, a local Brazilian auto rental company based in Belo Horizonte state said Monday that it plans to invest about $1.4 billion for investments geared at revamping its provision of services. According to the announcement, the company will invest 2.5 billion reals, an equivalent of the $1.4 billion for the purchase of new cars to boost its rapidly growing business in the country.

  • Steel do Brasil acquires two mining companies for $435 Million

    Steel do Brasil Friday announced it had successfully acquired two of its mining rival companies in Brazil in a move to expand its operations. According to the company’s announcement, Steel do Brasil made the investment at an estimated 435 million dollars for the takeover of the two mining firms. The company said it had acquired 70% of Mhag Servicos e Mineracao, the Brazilian iron ore miner that is part of the larger Campina Mining Group for an estimated 245 million dollars.

  • French Media Company Vivendi could face up to $1.7 billion in fines against stated 100% GVT acquisition, Brazil’s Securities Regulator Says

    French giant media company Vivendi could face up to more than one billion dollars in fines from Brazil’s securities regulator over a fraud case involving its acquisition of GVT, the Brazilian phone company. Reports surfaced Sunday in a domestic Brazilian newspaper, stating that the French media firm could pay about 3 billion reals, an equivalent of about 1.7 billion dollars for suspected fraud when it bought the Brazilian phone company.

  • Brazilian mobile phone giant Oi denies reports of offer from Portugal Telecom Ltd

    Brazilian mobile phone giant Oi has denied reports that it is considering a possible minority share sale to Portugal Telecom. Reports emerged Thursday that Oi, Brazil’s biggest phone company had reportedly said it would support a move for a minority stake from the Portuguese telecoms firm. The company said the reports were false and that the said source, the company’s Investor Relations Director had been misquoted over the Portugal Telecom affair.

  • Financial Times acquires Brazil’s Sistema Educacional Brasileiro’s Learning Systems Business for about £326 million

    Pearson, owner of the Financial Times Thursday reported it had made a Brazilian acquisition in a move to expand its global business. The deal, aimed at enhancing the company’s educational arm’s growth, will see the Financial Times owner part with about £326 million. According to the announcement, the company acquired the learning systems operations of Sistema Educacional Brasileiro, a Brazilian company with businesses in the education sector and as well one of Brazil’s foremost education firms.

  • Australian mining company Centaurus expands its Brazilian mining business

    Australian mining company, Centaurus Metals, Wednesday announced it had expanded its business in the Latin American country, Brazil. The emerging iron ore producer said it had increased its iron ore portfolio in Brazil after choosing to exercise its options and acquire 16 fresh tenements.

  • Carlyle Group makes investment in Brazilian private health insurance management company Qualicorp

    In its move to increase its global presence, the Carlyle Group Monday announced it had made two more investments, one in Brazil and the other in Australia. The health related investments in Brazil marks another of the Group’s continued global buyouts, making the equity firm one of the most active in the buy out business both domestically and internationally.

  • Spanish telecom company Telefonica withdraws its bid for Portugal Telecoms’ Vivo Stake

    After a protracted wait for the acquisition of its joint venture partner’s stake in the Brazilian telecoms giant, Vivo, the Spanish telecoms company, Telefonica Monday announced it had withdrawn its contention for the stake purchase. The Spanish company withdrew a planned $9.26 billion takeover bid it had launched for the complete takeover of its Brazilian wireless JV with the Portuguese telecoms firm after the Portuguese government barred the investment, forcing an intervention from the European Union.

  • Brazil could be the possible option for EADS to increase its International Business

    The European Aeronautics Defense and Space Company (EADS) reported that impending budget cuts in Europe might push it to increase its international business with places such as Brazil, India and Saudi Arabia amongst the favorites for the planned increased international investments. The company reported that it would be seeking to build meaningful relationships with the said countries as it ventures out for increased investments.


  • Laep Investments Ltd receives a capital injection from Global Yield Fund Limited

    Brazilian company, Laep Investments Limited, Thursday announced that it had reached an agreement with Global Yield Fund Limited (GEM) for a capital injection of about $42.3 million. Laep Investments Ltd is a Brazilian fund responsible for the Parmalat dairy Company, as well located in the country. In the agreement, GEM will fund Laep’s investment and growth plans through an injection of capital, the company reported Thursday in a statement.


  • Private equity investors advisory Capital Dynamics, a Swiss company, opens office in Brazil

    Capital Dynamics, the major European equity manager reported Thursday it had opened a new office in the Sao Paolo state in its growth plans. The new office is seen as Capital Dynamics most current approval of the buyout industry in the Latin American market, that most investors are hopeful will provide unique global, promising growth opportunities.


  • ANTT to publish infrastructure tender for construction of Campinas Bullet Train

    ANTT, the Brazilian national grounds transport agency announced Tuesday that it will be publishing its infrastructure tender for the construction of the Rio de Janeiro-Sao Paulo-Campinas bullet train. The agency announced it will commence tendering for the US$18.8 billion infrastructure investment today, its spokesman said. 


  • Home appliance giant Magazine Luiza denies acquisition speculations

    Brazilian giant home appliances retailer, Magazine Luiza, Wednesday denied speculations that it is in talks with its two rivals over a potential takeover. Speculation had been rife, particularly from the Brazilian newspaper, Valor Economico, that Magazine Luiza had entered talks to expand its business in the country by purchasing 100% stake in its rivals in the Brazilian retails consumer market, considered one of the fastest growing.


  • European Union Court ruling signals near conclusion of Vivo stake sale

    In a move that might bring to an end the long standing Portugal Telecom’s sale of its Vivo stake to Telefonica, the European Court of Justice last week ruled the Portuguese government’s move to block the potential sale given its golden share in Portugal Telecom (PT) violated EU rules. The Portuguese government shocked Portugal Telecom investors who had consented to the sale, by about 70%, of its unit in Vivo, Brazil’s major cellphone firm, to its JV partner Telefonica.


  • Total Oil says Brazil has More Potential for Investments in Oil and Gas

    Total Oil reported it will be undertaking more investments in Brazil, terming the country as having a “huge potential” in its oil fields. In the announcement, Total said it will be contending for licenses in the coming bidding round and hopes to expand its Brazilian oil and gas business after a new proposed law on foreign participation makes the move possible.


  • Vale and Usiminas sign Iron and Steel transport deals

    Vale SA and Usinas Siderurgicas de Minas Gerais Thursday announced they had reached an agreement via signing of contracts that will see the undertaking of steel and iron ore transport utilizing Vale’s rail system. Sinas Siderurgicas de Minas Gerais, also known as Usiminas, the steel manufacture, reported it had concluded the deal with the giant iron ore mining company, Vale SA. 


  • American based international firm Chardbourne and Parke opening office in Sao Paolo

    Chardbourne and Parke, an American based International law firm Thursday announced it plans to further foment its presence in Latin America through opening a new office. In the quest to increase its availability, the firm will commence new operations in Sao Paolo by hiring two additional finance attorneys.


  • Brazil Hospitality Group announces first acquisition in the state of Mato Grosso

    The Brazil Hospitality Group (BHG) Thursday announced the acquisition of Hotel Odara in Cuiaba, marking the group’s commencement of operations in the state of Mato Grosso. The hotel is currently rated as one of the country’s top hotels by the 4 Rodas Guide given its strategic location.


  • Brazil Telecom Company, Oi Gains on Portugal telecom takeover bets

    Reports suggest its becoming apparent that Oi, as well known as Tele Norte Leste Participacoes SA, by far the biggest telecoms company in Brazil, is the target of a potential acquisition investment bid by a renowned Portuguese Telecoms firm. Speculation was ripe Monday that the company is being keenly watched for investment acquisition by Portugal Telecom SGPS SA, the Lisbon based telecoms company, as it seeks to maintain a presence in Brazil, Latin America’s biggest economy.