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Watch out! Products for wrong age range can cause health damage

First thing to be taken into consideration is security; in the stamp of Inmetro, there is indication of the ideal age for the young consumers

Everyone knows that play is essential for the development of children, especially in early childhood. It is a process of discovery and construction of affective bonds. In these situations, the child develops attention, memory, imitation and imagination. In addition, it works on motor, emotional and social skills.

However, you need to be aware of some tips at the time of purchase. Products found to be unsuitable or inappropriate for the age of children may pose serious health risks.

The first thing to take into consideration is safety. "First of all, the product must comply with the basic safety rules. In this way, it is possible to buy the children's dream toy without putting their health at risk, "says Dr. Sérgio Sarrubo.

Some recommendations are essential for parents to be able to buy toys appropriately for each age. Pediatrician Bruno Di Cola explains: "In the seal of Inmetro, there is an indication of the ideal age for young consumers. Parents need to watch out for toys with sharp, sharp bits. "

For the administrative assistant Juliana Teixeira, buying toys related to the daughter's age is essential. "Rafaela is only a year old, so I think it is very important to research before buying the toy. I always check if he's within her age group, "he says.

Toys with very small parts, such as Legos and puzzles or that contain strings, should be carefully doubled at the time of purchase. Event producer Luis Gustavo D'Ólio says he always avoids such toys. "My daughter is only two years old and has almost crashed with a toy in her grandmother's house," he said.

Check out some tips on choosing the best gift for your child:

● Toys with excessive noise can cause hearing damage;

● Avoid toys with shapes and smells that mimic food; children tend to swallow them;

● Attention to toys that have sharp or pointed parts that can cause injury;

● Under no circumstances acquire toys composed of toxic substances or of easy combustion;

● Toys have expiration dates. Check this and the toy warranty conditions;

● Special attention should be paid to toys that may lead to suffocation, such as strings, balloons or very small parts;

● Purchase the toy according to the age range or age of your child. By law, manufacturers must transmit this information on the label;

● Check that the toy packaging has information about the manufacturer (name, GTC, address)

● Avoid toys that may cause electric shock;

● Toys must have a security seal provided by INMETRO (National Institute of Metrology, Standardization and Industrial Quality).