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Virtual Pregoeiro will help in combating fraud in bids

Digital transformation

Artificial intelligence tool will be released for testing by the end of this year

The more than 18,000 auctioneers registered in the bidding system of the Federal Government will have, until the end of this year, access to the test version of a virtual assistant to help make decisions on Brazilian public purchases. The artificial intelligence tool will alert to cases of fraud risk, evidence of collusion and will also identify opportunities for better prices in procuring goods and contracting common services.

Developed by the Secretariat of Management of the Ministry of Economy, the project is in the data collection and analysis phase for robot construction. By the end of the year, the criers will be able to access a first version of the solution.

According to the Secretary of Management, Cristiano Heckert, the intention is to gradually increase the integration of artificial intelligence with other Federal Government platforms and also with other systems used by states and municipalities. By 2020, the complete version of the technology solution will be available in the public procurement portal of the Federal Government -  Comprasnet .

Data analyzed

Purchases made, complaints of previous frauds, companies penalized, laws more applied and prices practiced in the market are some of the analyzed data to integrate the solution. "We are building more than 40 tracks, based on data on supplier behavior in decades of bids. This will allow the development of robust virtual intelligence, "says Heckert.

One of the developed tracks integrates data of companies prevented from participating in bids or penalized with fines, suspensions and warnings. Thus, penalties will be defined in order to allow automatic application in the future through artificial intelligence.

Another feature will be the possibility of predicting possible infraction of a company based on previous behaviors and alert the public manager about future penalties in bids and contracts.

Non-Profit Entities

It will also be possible to monitor companies and nonprofits that provide materials and services to the public administration. The robot will help the crier identify, for example, whether the company has already grossed more than allowed to use public policy benefits for micro and small businesses.

Data science techniques, shared code organization and cross-referencing of the federal government are being used through partnerships with other bodies such as the Federal Comptroller's Office, the Federal Audit Court and the Federal Revenue Service.

"The pregoeiro will receive alerts from the phase of registration of the proposal until the end of the bidding process," explains the Secretary of Management. From January to December 2018, around 80 thousand suppliers participated in more than 103 thousand signings on Comprasnet.

"The solution will help in the homologation of a large number of suppliers and, thus, ensure compliance with the public procurement legislation," adds the Secretary of Management.