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USP to invest R $ 1.5 million in artificial intelligence projects

Altogether, 43 proposals were selected; Pro-Rector's Office of Research of the university received 109 entries for the edict

The University of São Paulo (USP) Pro-Rectory of Research announced last Friday (29), the list of those included in the edict supporting projects that make use of intelligent digital systems. It is worth noting that 43 projects have gone through selection, in which a total of R $ 1.5 million will be invested.

Researches using intelligent digital systems (with artificial intelligence or machine learning resources) in areas such as health policies, precision medicine, intelligent cities, economic-financial systems, ethics and society, mobility, molecular modeling, planning pharmaceuticals, renewable energies and evaluation of general data (including scientific data), among others.

"The whole world is focusing on artificial intelligence. As a result of this perception, USP has defined this area as a priority and is drawing up coordinated actions so that research on the topic is intensified, "says Research Pro-Rector, Sylvio Roberto Accioly Canuto.

"To our surprise, the number of projects registered in the announcement was much higher than expected, which shows the great potential of the university," he adds. The Pro-Rector received 109 entries.


The projects were evaluated by 47 reviewers, all researchers in the area of ​​intelligent systems of other teaching and research institutions. After this stage, an evaluation committee, made up of five experts, indicated the most evaluated projects.

"One of the great advantages of USP is diversity, and the Research Dean is concentrating efforts to broaden the interaction and synergy between the different research groups while maintaining their individuality," said university vice president Vahan Agopyan,


The manager also announced that, because of the quality of the projects presented, the value of the investments was increased from R $ 1 million to R $ 1.5 million. The proposals were analyzed in two modalities. In the Universal category, 65 projects were enrolled, of which 31 were contemplated.

In this case, all USP professors were able to present projects, individually or in groups and with the involvement of collaborating researchers, students, postdoctoral students and non-teaching staff.

The final product of each proposal must be an intelligent digital system related to or directed to any area of ​​interest of USP or society. The maximum value of each proposal, including scholarships for undergraduate students, is R $ 20 thousand.

In the Articulation of Large Projects modality, the support is destined to groups of teachers for the development of proposals of large intelligent digital systems. The proponent team should be coordinated by a USP faculty member, and may include participants from other institutions in Brazil and abroad.

The final product of each proposal should be a research and development project, to be submitted to a funding agency, government agency or private initiative. The maximum value of each proposal, including grants, is R $ 80 thousand.

In this category, there were 44 registrations and 12 projects were contemplated. The list of projects contemplated can be checked on the internet .