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Single Portal reduces deadlines and costs of foreign trade


Tool simplifies procedures for foreign sales, eliminates documents and steps and reduces government requirements

The Ministry of Industry, Foreign Trade and Services (Mdic) launched this Thursday (23), the New Process of Exports of the Single Portal of Foreign Trade . The initiative aims to reduce deadlines and costs and increase the competitiveness of Brazilian products abroad.

The tool, developed by Serpro, simplifies procedures for foreign sales, eliminates documents and steps and reduces government requirements. About 5 million annual export operations of more than 255 thousand companies are now easier.

Industry Minister Marcos Pereira said the new process, coordinated by the Foreign Trade Secretariat and the Federal Revenue Service, with the support of 20 other government bodies, raises Brazil's level in international trade.

"We now have an important role in foreign trade in resumption of economic growth. We need to promote competitiveness gains for the productive sector and improve our internal business environment," he says.

In the first phase, exports will be considered in the mode of air transport, through the airports of Guarulhos (SP), Viracopos (SP), Galeão (RJ) and Confins (MG), subject only to the Federal Revenue.

The initial deployment at the four selected airports will simplify and expedite the clearance of high value-added goods, which represented, in 2016, almost US $ 6 billion in exports - or 55.7% of the operations carried out in the air modal.

Throughout 2017, all airports in the country and other modalities (maritime, fluvial, road and rail) will be contemplated, as well as the operations with intervention of other organs of the federal government.

When fully deployed, the Single Portal will reduce bureaucracy and increase efficiency in government foreign trade processes, shortening the average terms of operations by about 40%.

The goal is to reduce export time from 13 to 8 days and import from 17 to 10 days, with consequent drop in private sector costs.

Getúlio Vargas Foundation study shows an increase of US $ 23.8 billion in Brazil's Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in the first year of full implementation and an annual increase of up to 7% in the Brazilian trade flow (sum of imports and exports ).

In addition, the expectation is that there will be a diversification of external sales, with a progressive increase in shipments of products from the manufacturing industry, from 10.3% in 2018 to 26.5% in 2030.

Technology and foreign trade

One of the gains of the New Process is the electronic filing. Before, you had to declare an export and file the invoice.

From now on, when the exporter issues a statement, the information is already consulted directly from the system, with automatic receipt of electronic invoice online.

The Single Portal environment is designed to process 5,000 shipping declarations per day, with 25,000 referenced invoices.

Another outstanding project under the Single Portal Program is the construction of a foreign trade data model compatible with the data model recommended by the World Customs Organization (WCO).

According to the secretary of the Ministry of Industry, Foreign Trade and Services,  Abram Neto, the exchange of information between customs from a harmonized data model will allow faster analysis of operations, ensuring greater security for government controls and shorter deadlines For private operators.

"The interoperability of the Single Foreign Trade Portal with the trade systems of other countries that have also adhered to the WCO data structure will further reduce the average time of operations and bring about competitive gains," said the secretary.


Source: Portal Brazil, with information Serpro and Mdic