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Invest in Brazil News

  • Northeast will receive R $ 64.8 billion for regional development

    The Northeast will receive over the next four years, investments of R $ 64.82 billion of Regional Development Funds. The action aims to stimulate the growth of various sectors of the economy and drive the generation of employment and income in the region.

  • Learn the rights guaranteed to interns and contractors

    The stage is the gateway to the labor market for many students of secondary and technical education, students and recent graduates. The opportunity to gain experience in the study area attracts many young people for these jobs in the country.

    According to data from the Brazilian Association of Stages (Carve), 40% to 60% of trainees employed in the final years of the course are hired by companies.

  • Government raises from 1.2% to 1.6% of GDP forecast high in 2017

    The government went on to design further growth for the economy in 2017. After the improvement of a number of indicators, especially the confidence productive sectors, the expectation for the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) rose from 1.2% to 1, 6%.

  • Portal More job offers almost 22 000 jobs across the country on Tuesday (16)

    The Portal More Jobs , gathering places offered by companies throughout the country and registered with the National Employment System (SINE), shows more than 22 thousand job vacancies available only on Tuesday (16). 

  • Consumer Intention To Grow Back After 6 Months Of Decline

    For the first time in six months the Household Consumption Intent (ICF) recorded an increase in the monthly comparison, rose 0.9% from July to August. The data are from the National Trade Confederation of Goods, Services and

  • After 28 months, confidence in the industrial sector reaches the level of optimism

    After 28 months, industrial crossed the line that separates pessimism from optimism. The Industrial Confidence Index (ICEI) rose 4.2 points from July to August and reached 51.5 points.

  • With economic recovery, stock market rises and falls risk Brazil

    After measures announced by the government economic team in office, it is possible to observe the positive results in the main economic indicators.In recent months,  the  increased confidence of investors has led to a strong rise  high  on the São Paulo Stock Exchange, the real appreciated 21.3% against the dollar and the Brazil risk fell by half, reaching the lowest level since 19 June 2015.

  • More than 450 young people work as apprentices in 2016

    The Olympic and Paralympic Games Rio 2016 are career opportunity of 455 young people with little experience and seeking professional qualification.

    Through the Young Apprentice Project Sport 2016 (Jade), linked to the National Program for Access to Technical Education and Employment (Pronatec), apprentices gain since May, theoretical and practical training to work in organizing sporting events, a pioneering initiative in Parents.

  • Auction 7000 km of transmission lines to move more than R $ 12.6 billion

    After meeting with businessmen in Sao Paulo, the Minister of Mines and Energy, Fernando Bezerra Coelho Filho said, on Monday (15), the folder expects a positive result for the auction of 25 lots of power transmission scheduled for 2 of September.

  • Exiting the revolving credit card

    The credit card, if used well, is a good tool to keep the budget balanced. But care is needed. With rates that can exceed 400% per year, pay the invoice can only partially be a difficult trap to leave.

    The rotary card, as it is called the line of credit when the consumer pays only the minimum invoice is considered the financing of easy access that does not require collateral and therefore charges the most expensive interest market.

  • Revenue releases 3rd batch of refunds on Monday (15)

    The IRS releases, on Monday (15), bank credit for the third batch of refund of Income Tax for Individuals 2016. Also refunds will be released concerning the period 2008-2015, which left the fine mesh. Consultation of the lot is available since the last day 6 on page recipe on the Internet.

  • Bureaucracy slows the country, says Minister of Industry and Foreign Trade

    Bureaucracy has delayed the development of the country, in the evaluation of the Minister of Industry, Trade and Services, Marcos Pereira. The statement was made ​​during ameeting with representatives of a food vending association in retail, n this Monday (15)

  • Trade balance US $ 30 billion surplus in 2016

    The Foreign Trade Secretariat (Secex) of the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Services (MDIC) released on Monday (15), data indicating a surplus of US $ 30,551 billion Brazilian trade balance. The value is the result of difference between exports this year, which came to US $ 114.524 billion mark, and imports totaling US $ 83.973 billion.

  • To Meirelles, fiscal adjustment will help the resumption of growth

    The Finance Minister, Henrique Meirelles reaffirmed on Friday (12) that both the renegotiation project of state debts as the Proposed Constitutional Amendment (PEC) that limits the growth of federal government spending is focused on the fiscal adjustment . the announcement was made ​​at the end of the 11th Annual Seminar on Risk, Financial Stability and Banking Economics in São Paulo.

  • Government launches industry incentive programs in the North

    To improve the production processes of companies and expand the entry of products in the northern region of the country, the Ministry of  Industry and Foreign Trade released on Friday (12), two new programs in the cities of Acre and Rondonia :  the National Culture Plan Exportadora (PNCE) and Brazil More Productive. 

  • Cash registers R $ 2.4 billion profit in the 1st half 2016

    Net income of Caixa Econômica Federal, the first half of this year reached R $ 2.4 billion. In the second quarter, the entity amounted to income of R $ 1.6 billion, an increase of 92.1% over the previous quarter. The result was based on the increase in revenues, in particular, provision of services and the control of administrative expenses.

  • Improved confidence starts to boost growth

    The improvement in confidence, which has been recorded by a number of indicators released in recent weeks, begins to reflect on the economy. The Economic Central Bank activity index (IBC-Br), which attempts to predict the country's expansion rate, registered increase of 0.23% in June.

  • Brazilian economy grows 0.23% in June

    The Brazil returned to growth in June to register, according to the Central Bank, expansion of 0.23% compared to May. This was the second positive result of the year and the last 12 months and may suggest an early resumption of economic activity.

  • Brazil closed the quarter with R $ 370 million profit

    Brazil has achieved the  second quarter with net income of R $ 370 million between April and June. In the first quarter, Petrobras had recorded aloss of R $ 1.2 billion.  

  • Agricultural Production Reaches R $ 516.4 Billion In 2016

    The forecast for the Gross Value of Agricultural Production (VBP) for this year is $ 516.4 billion. The figures take into account the turnover of the main agricultural products in July. Of the total, the crops represent R $ 338 billion and livestock, 178.4 billion. The data was released, on Thursday (11) by the Department of Agricultural Policy (SPA) of the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply (MAPA).

  • Accumulated inflation in the year keeps deceleration route

    Brazilian inflation in July remained the route of slowdown. Data from the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE) show that the official indicator of cost of living stood at 4.96% in the year to last month - well number lower than the 6.83% recorded in the same period of the year.

  • Industrial production increased in nine states

    Brazilian industrial production begins to give the first signs of recovery . According to the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE), between May and June there was growth of 1.1% - resumed pulled by nine units of the Federation.

  • Industrial production increased in nine states

    Brazilian industrial production begins to give the first signs of recovery . According to the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE), between May and June there was growth of 1.1% - resumed pulled by nine units of the Federation.

  • First week of August has $ 637 million surplus

    In the first week of August, the Brazilian trade balance registered a surplus of US $ 637 million, the result of exports of US $ 3.435 billion and imports of US $ 2.798 billion.

    In the year, exports totaled US $ 110 billion and imports, US $ 81.154 billion, with a surplus of US $ 28.866 billion.The data was released, on Monday (8), the Ministry of Industry, Foreign Trade and Services (MDIC).