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Roraima and Amapá join the Network to facilitate provision of services to the population

Digital Government

States have access to technological solutions aimed at accelerating digital transformation

The governors of the states of Roraima, Antonio Denarium, and Amapá, Waldir Goes, this week joined the National Network of Digital Government, known for Network brand . According to the secretary of Digital Government of the Ministry of Economy, Luis Felipe Monteiro, the network allows governments to talk among themselves and make it easier for the State to serve the citizen.

"We want to integrate states and municipalities with the federal government so that citizens can identify themselves in a single way," said the secretary. "When you update your address in a public agency, everyone else knows about it. service, you can request your rights or pay your bills in one place, "he explained.

For the governor of Roraima, Antonio Denarium, the adhesion to the federal network is an achievement of the Secretaries of Planning and of Technology of his state, that "did not measure efforts to make possible this moment". He praised the project and said that digital transformation means economy, at a time when Roraima lives in austerity. "With this program, the state government will save millions of dollars in computer systems to help with public management," he said.

Waldir Góes, of Amapá, said that all spheres of the Brazilian state need to be more integrated to better serve the citizen. "Either we organize and take advantage of the technology that is available, in a smart way, or the services are very expensive for a citizen, who pays," he said.

The governor of Amapá considered it very timely to join the Network and ensured that digital transformation is one of the state's commitments to the population.


At , the federal government, states and municipalities have an environment to share knowledge, experiences and technology platforms.

Those who join will have access to digital platforms offered, training programs and funding for digital transformation programs, as well as technical support in the application of strategies for digitizing public services. States and municipalities interested in joining should contact the office of the Digital Government Office.