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Rogério Marinho highlights international examples used in the elaboration of the New Welfare

New Pension

At a seminar, foreign officials advocate strengthening enforcement and partnerships to reduce fraud

Strengthening oversight, international partnerships, clear rules on granting benefits and computerizing processes are the main steps to prevent fraud in pension systems. This is the path towards more balanced systems pointed by the participants of the seminar Strategies for Prevention, Detection and Investigation of Illicit against the Social Security System, which began this Monday (9) in Brasilia.

At the opening of the seminar, the special secretary of Social Security and Labor of the Ministry of Economy, Rogério Marinho, classified the Brazilian social security system as a legacy for the population. Thus, there is a need to keep it safe and sound.

"We are drinking from the source of the best international experiences, such as Spain, seeking information at this time of change, social change and the labor market," he said. 

Nova Previdência has four pillars. One of them came in Provisional Measure 871/19 - later sanctioned as Law 13.846 / 19. With it, it is possible to intensify the fight against fraud, improve the quality of Social Security spending and reduce the judicialization of social security issues. Another effect of the new law is the estimated savings of R $ 9.8 billion in the first 12 months.

Inspection and Treasury: The example of Spain
Counselor for Labor, Migration and Social Security of the Spanish Embassy in Brazil, Maria Dolores Segura de La Encina showed the path taken by her country to curb fraud and embezzlement of public money.

The Spanish have signed technical cooperation agreements with European Union countries against international fraud, created a police dedicated specifically to social security offenses and computerized the entire process.

Maria Concepción Nieto Roig of the Higher Body of Letters of the Social Security Administration added that Spain has created a treasury to centralize security information, “with legislation that guarantees greater control and supervision in the fight against fraud,” she said.

Fighting Fraud
A study by Maria Roig, based on the example of 14 countries (11 from the European Union, plus Australia, Canada, and the United States of America), shows that fighting fraud must have different forms of action.

Integrated actions between public administration and representative unions are required; social awareness about work; institutional collaboration between government agencies from different spheres; and updating of the models used in inspections.

“Our challenge is big. We hope that these results obtained with the new legal instruments can be leveraged with a partnership with Spain, which is more advanced than us in this area, ”said the Secretary of Social Welfare of the Special Secretariat of Social Welfare and the Ministry of Economy, Leonardo Rolim.

As a result of international cooperation between Brazil and Spain, the seminar runs until Wednesday (11), discussing strategies for the prevention, detection and investigation of fraud and corruption against Social Security. Representatives from both countries meet at the headquarters of the Special Secretariat for Social Security and Labor of the Ministry of Economy, in the federal capital.