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Result of the vote in the House resumes optimism with progress of the reforms

social Security

Economic agents see strength of federal government to resume the agenda of structural reforms

Economic agents started the trading session with optimism after the Chamber of Deputies filed a complaint against the President of the Republic, Michel Temer. The assessment is that the federal government is resumption of efforts to approve structural reforms, especially Social Security.

Earlier in the morning of Thursday (3), the stock exchange was up 0.12%, after firing more than 67,000 points on Wednesday (2), in the face of good expectations with the vote .

The dollar, for example, was traded at R $ 3.11 with investor optimism over the federal government.

Progress in reforms

"Although the rejection is expected, the result showed a more positive scenario for President Michel Temer. It revealed  the strong ability of the government to build consensus among deputies, "says the market report of Credit Suisse.

For the Swiss bank, the result shows a good prospect of parliamentary support for the federal government and points to approval, to a greater or lesser extent, of Social Security reform, seen as fundamental to avoiding a collapse of public accounts.


In the assessment of AndBank bank strategist Luís Pinho, the result showed that the federal government is still able to carry out the structural reforms that are being negotiated in the National Congress.

"We continue to have an optimistic view regarding President Temer's ability to block other denunciations and to approve the pension reform, even more diluted," he said.

According to the economist, the Social Security agenda surpassed the governmental agenda and generated consensus among the parliamentarians on its importance for economic stability.

Source: Portal Brasil