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Regulated centralization of services of inactive servers and pensioners

Administrative efficiency

Service and provision of services will be made by the Ministry of Economy; understand

The rules for centralizing service and rendering of services to inactive servers and pensioners were regulated on Friday (24/5) by Ordinance No. 240 . The text, published in the Official Gazette of the Union, provides that the transfer of management of these services to the Ministry of Economy will take place organ to body, according to the schedule established by the ministry.

The centralization of this management was established by Decree No. 9,498, of September 10, 2018 . In practice, there are no significant changes for retirees and pensioners, as there is no change of rights, remuneration and benefits. But the proposal should improve service by establishing a single center for clarifying doubts, modernizing management, and optimizing the workforce.

The measure should cover approximately 450,000 retirees and pensioners. The expectation is that the organs prepare, raising the necessary information and regularizing any pending issues, to speed up the centralization process.

"What we want is to guarantee the expected benefits of centralization, such as the relocation of approximately 4,100 employees who currently work in the management of these inactive and pensioners in the organs to other areas of the Federal Direct Public Administration," explained the secretary of Management and Performance of Personnel, Wagner Lenhart.

Among the expected benefits are the standardization and optimization of the processes, scale gains with the increase of the number of inactive and pensioners managed by server, agility of response to the demands of the users, that will have available presence and remote service channels, among others. 

Work plan
The centralization of services will occur in stages. According to Lenhart, based on information gathered by the Ministry of Economy with each body, a work plan will be drawn up to ensure a correct and safe transition.

"We hope, with the definition of strategies and procedures, to resolve the pending and other actions necessary for the migration of services and collections," he estimated.

This work plan will integrate a Technical Cooperation Agreement, to be signed between the Ministry of Economy and each body and which will define the responsibilities and procedures to be adopted by each party.