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Officials must control FGTS statement, warns Ministry of Labor


Folder orientation deals with set of alternatives available to the worker in case of absence of deposits

The Ministry of Labor directs that every employee with a formal contract maintains control of his Statement of Guarantee Fund for Time of Service (FGTS). The attention goes to see if the employer has correctly deposited the FGTS.

When the absence of deposits is observed, there are some alternatives. There is no deadline for the claim to be accepted.

On the one hand, the worker can file a complaint with the union of his category or in the regional superintendencies of Labor. There is also the option of denouncing the Public Labor Ministry or even joining a complaint in the Labor Court. There is no way to register complaints electronically yet.

In order to formalize the complaint, the employee must have in hand proof that the deposits are not being made. This proof can be made with the updated statement of the FGTS linked account, obtained at any branch of the Caixa Econômica Federal. You must present the worker's card, work card and the PIS card or number.

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According to Law 8.036 / 1990, every employer must deposit in a linked account the amount corresponding to 8% of the salary paid in the previous month, including amounts related to commissions, gratuities and bonuses, as well as Christmas bonus. These deposits must be made monthly until the 7th of the following month, and companies must inform their employees of the amounts collected under FGTS.

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Source: Portal Brasil, with information from the Ministry of Labor