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National Welfare Council approves 2020 budget proposal


Expenditure forecast with the General Social Security Fund is R $ 682.9 billion

The National Welfare Council (CNP) approved, on the morning of this Tuesday (13/8), in Brasilia, the Budgetary Pension Proposal for 2020. of R $ 682.9 billion. This amount includes rural and urban benefits, Social Security compensation (Comprev) and court rulings.

The Social Security budget proposal for next year projects an expenditure 7.1% higher than expected for 2019. Considering only the expense with payment of benefits by court decision, the increase of expense, compared to the same period, reaches 39 , 3%.

In addition to compulsory expenditure, such as FRGPS, the budget is made up of discretionary expenditure. In this case, the funds are used to ensure the functioning of public agencies linked to the social security system. As an example, the Special Secretariat for Social Security and Labor and the entire administrative structure of the National Institute of Social Security (INSS) are included in the discretionary budget.

The budget proposal for Social Security approved by the CNP will be included in the 2020 Annual Budget Bill (PLOA / 2020), which authorizes the Union's expenses according to the collection forecast. The Executive Branch has until August 31 to send the bill to the National Congress, which should be sent to the presidential sanction until the end of the legislative session.

The CNP is formed by representatives of the federal government and society. One of its attributions, as established by Law 8.213 / 1991, is “to appraise and approve the Social Security budget proposals, prior to their consolidation in the Social Security budget proposal”.

MP 891/2019 -  During the meeting, the board members were reminded that retirees and pensioners will receive half of the allowance in August payroll - known as the 13th salary. Advance payment will be paid between the last five business days of this month and the first five business days of September.

The Secretary of Social Security, Leonardo Rolim, who chaired the meeting on Tuesday, stressed that the anticipation was defined by Provisional Measure 891/2019, sent to Congress by decision of the President of the Republic, Jair Bolsonaro. In previous years, the anticipation occurred by decree, therefore, without anticipation of the anticipation in subsequent years. "The 50 percent advance on the 13th has become a state policy, not a government policy," Rolim said.

The next ordinary meeting of the CNP is scheduled for August 29.