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Manual guides agencies on the implementation of administrative efficiency measures


Among the novelties are the simplification of the process of exchange of commissioned positions

Decree No. 9.739 / 2019 , which establishes organizational efficiency measures in the public administration, will enter into force this Saturday ( 1/6) . To assist public agencies in implementing these measures, the Ministry of Economy launches the 2nd edition of the Manual of Organizational Structures of the Federal Executive Branch.

The manual was presented this Friday (31/5) during a meeting of the Forum of Under-Secretaries of Planning, Budget and Administration - Spoa Forum, held at the Ministry of Economy.

Among the main measures included are the flexibility to swap and allocate commissioned management positions (DAS code 101) to level 3; and advisory services (DAS code 102) at levels 1 to 4. These changes may be carried out by the highest authority of each public institution, without the need for publication of a presidential decree, provided that the rules established in article 17 of the decree are obeyed.

Another innovation is the creation of a new type of commissioned position: the project management (DAS code 103). Professionals appointed to these positions will be responsible for developing one or more institutional projects - temporary activities undertaken in the creation of a unique product, service or result. So far, the existing commissioners were advisory or team leader.

Management panels

Also presented to the managers of the areas of budget, planning and administration were two management panels: the X-ray and Governmental Management.

The X-ray is a technological solution that presents a photograph of the strategic data of each body, such as administrative expenses, real estate, information technology, services digitization, functions and commissioned positions. The X-ray panel is in the test phase, with restricted access.

The Governmental Management Panel is a tool to support decision making. The presented data are dynamic and can generate diverse analyzes for the managers. It is possible to select the desired parameters and to understand, for example, how the budget execution is, what is the distribution of the workforce of the organ by type of bond, and where the positions and functions are commissioned.

Those interested in using the Governmental Management Panel should access , click on "how to access". After registering, you must send an e-mail to , an area responsible for analyzing the pertinence of the use of the tool, preferably for ministers, executive secretaries and under-secretaries of Planning, Budget and Administration ( Spoa).