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Grain harvest should exceed 222 million tons

Historical record

The number represents an increase of 19.5% compared to the 186.6 million tons of the previous harvest

The 2016/17 grain harvest is expected to reach 222.9 million tonnes, an increase of 19.5% over the previous harvest, which produced 186.6 million tonnes. The survey is from the National Supply Company (Conab) and was released on Thursday morning (9).

According to the company, the expectation of growth is due to the recovery of the average productivity of the crops, now free of the influence of bad climatic conditions of the last harvest

Another possible reason is the increase in the area, which will be increased by 2.8% in relation to the previous harvest and can reach 60 million hectares. This prognosis includes second crop crops.

One of the highlights is soybeans, for which projected growth is 12.8%. Production is expected to exceed 107 million tonnes, an increase of approximately 12.2 million tonnes. The area should be expanded by 1.9% and reach 33.9 million hectares.

Corn is expected to reach 89 million tonnes (33.7% higher), with 29.3 million tonnes for the first crop and 59.7 million tonnes for the second. The total area should be 16.8 million hectares (5.3% above the previous harvest). Together, corn and soybeans represent almost 90% of the total grain produced in the country.

Since the last survey, Conab has been presenting a disaggregated estimate of the production of rice grown in the dry and irrigated systems, in addition to the numbers of irrigation expansion in Brazil and its importance in the grain harvest.

The total rice forecast in this 6th survey is 12 million tons and an increase of 12.9% compared to the previous harvest, with 1.2 million tons of rainfed and 10.8 million irrigated.

Bean production in the first crop should reach 1.38 million tons, a result 33.6% higher than the previous harvest. There are 862.2 thousand tons for the carioca type, 318.3 thousand for the black and 201.5 thousand for the cowpea.

The cotton boom can increase by 11.9% and reach 1.44 million tons, even with a reduction of 3.1% in the area under cultivation. The preference for soybean cultivation is what caused the reduction of areas of cotton and rice, which is not the case with other first crop crops.

Source: Portal Brasil, with information from Conab