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Government will listen to society to draft new legislation on public procurement


Workshop debates initiatives to improve processes and management of contracts signed with the government

The collective construction of the draft decree governing government hirings was the highlight of the workshop held throughout Wednesday (10/7) at the National School of Public Administration (Enap). Public agents and specialists from the National Public Procurement Network (RNCP) were invited to discuss solutions aimed at improving governance in public hirings. 

By the end of this month, the company can participate in the construction of the new regulations, through workshops, meetings, discussion groups and also public consultation to be held in the coming weeks.

The purpose is that all the organs and entities of the Federal Public Administration, autarchies and foundations implement governance instruments that promote better effectiveness in their contracting. 

The Deputy Secretary of Management of the Ministry of Economy, Renato Fenili, emphasizes that the set of monitoring actions should ensure that the interests of the citizen are preserved in government contracting. 

"Other actions - such as PL No. 1,292 / 95 (replacing Law 8666/93 on biddings) and the proposed decree to regulate electronic trading (in lieu of Decree No. 5.450 / 05) together with the decree of governance - should significantly restructure the hiring, "said Fenili during the event. 

"Today we have 103 central norms that regulate the public purchases and the voluntary transfers: six legal and 97 infralegais that we intend to simplify. By the end of the year we will reduce this amount by 22%. " 

Virtual space 

During the workshop at Enap, the Collaborative Logistics Construction Laboratory (LCCL) was also launched. It is a virtual space that will promote social participation for the construction of solutions of contracting and public transfer projects. 

In addition, proposals for valorization and qualification of servers, improvement of methodologies for registration of goods and services and programs of sustainability and conscious consumption in government contracting will be discussed. 

What is RNCP? 

The National Public Procurement Network (RNCP) is a sustainable community that aggregates bidding agents at the national level and promotes the dissemination of information and experiences for the improvement of Brazilian public procurement. 

The Network involves units of purchases of the Union, States, Federal District and Municipalities, besides other entities that foment the modernization of the Public Purchases.