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Government announces State Council of Culture and Creative Economy

Members of the body will be responsible for evaluating programs and establishing guidelines for the cultural policy of the State of São Paulo

he Governor João Doria announced on Monday (15) the composition of the State Council of Culture and Creative Economy, an integral organ of the Secretariat of Culture and Creative Economy and of the National System of Culture, responsible for discussing, proposing guidelines for cultural policy and for the programs and actions of the Secretariat.

The members will have the mission to monitor and evaluate activities in order to suggest improvements, make diagnoses and propose development measures; make public consultations; and follow the progress of the State Plan of Culture.

"For the first time in history a council directly linked to the State Governor is created. We already have a Management Council in the State, but nothing has to do directly with the Council that is constituted today, "said Governor Joao Doria. "Both struggling for Brazilian culture in São Paulo," he said.

The Council, which is one of the instances of the State System of Culture, is directly linked to the Governor and has the responsibility of establishing guidelines for the State's cultural policy, as well as evaluating the performance of programs and actions of the Secretariat of Culture and Creative Economy. The Council is composed of 15 representatives of public power and 15 members representing the cultural and creative sector of civil society.

"As president we will have Eduardo Saron, as vice presidents Fernanda Feitosa and Ismael Ivo, for a one-year term, renewable for another two years," commented Governor João Doria.

In order to maintain more efficient discussions and reduce costs, the quorum will have fewer members and no cost to the State. With more focus and effectiveness, urgent issues related to cultural institutions, programs and services will have agility in decisions. The Council regiment, to be formulated, will contemplate all segments of the culture and will guarantee popular participation.

Thematic Cameras

Through thematic chambers, the cultural sector and society will participate in the debates and proposals. In order to analyze, debate and propose measures that stimulate the various artistic and cultural segments and the creative economy, the chambers will be formed observing the parity between members of the public power and civil society who, through their knowledge and professional experience, can contribute activities.

Composition of the Board

Amilson Godoy - Conductor 
André Sturm - Filmmaker and former Secretary of Culture of SP City Hall 
Caio Luiz de Carvalho - General Director of Canal Arte 1 
Carlos Meceni - President of the Brazilian Council of Cultural Entities 
Danilo Miranda - Director of Sesc 
Eduardo Saron - Director of Itaú Cultural 
Fabio Barbosa - Chairman of the Board of Osesp 
Fernanda Feitosa - General Director of SP Arte 
Heitor Martins - President of Masp 
Ismael Ivo - Director of the Ballet of the City of São Paulo 
João Carlos Martins - Maestro 
Jose Gregori - President of the Paulista Association of Friends of the Art 
José Olympio Pereira - President of the São Paulo Biennial 
Juca Oliveira - Actor and playwright
Manuel Costa Pinto - Folha de São Paulo Columnist 
Marcelo Mattos Araujo - President of Japan House and former secretary of Culture of the State of São Paulo 
Marcos Mendonça - Former municipal secretary and State of Culture and president of the Fundação Padre Anchieta 
Maria Ignez Mantovani - Director General of Expomus 
Nizan Guanaes - Founder of the Africa Agency 
Odilon Wagner - Actor, writer director 
Paulo Zuben - Artistic Director of Santa Marcelina Culture 
Renata Almeida - Director of the São Paulo Film Festival 
Ricardo Ohtake - Director of the Tomie Ohtake Institute 
Rodrigo Garcia - Governor 
Henrique Meirelles - Secretary of Finance and Planning
Sérgio Sá Leitão - Secretary of Culture and Creative Economy