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In the first six months of the year, direct treasury registered 286,000 new active investors

Direct treasure

In this period, the total of new investors registered was 1.2 million

In June 2019, the increase of active investors in Treasury Direct, that is, those who currently have investments in the program, was 37,898 investors. In the first six months of the year, the increase in active investors was 286,672. As a result, total active investors reached 1,072,990 people, up 36.46% in the first six months of 2019. In turn, the monthly increase in the number of registered investors in Treasury Direct was 157,858. In the first six months of 2019, the program gained 1,237,932 registered investors and reached 4,351,235 participants, an increase of 39.76%.

Investment operations

In June 2019, 476,083 treasury bond investment operations were carried out, totaling R $ 2.68 billion. During this month, redemptions totaled R $ 1.68 billion, with repurchases only, as there were no maturities. Thus, there was a net sale of R $ 1.00 billion. June results show an average transaction value of R $ 5,629.13. In addition, investments up to R $ 1,000 represented 64.25% of the total.

The most demanded securities by investors were those indexed to the Selic rate (Selic Treasury), which totaled R $ 1.31 billion, representing 49.09% of sales. Inflation-linked securities (IPCA + Treasury and IPCA + Treasury with Semi-annual Interest) totaled R $ 937.30 million in sales and corresponded to 34.97% of the total, while prefixed sales (Prefixed Treasury and Semi-annual Interest Prefixed Treasury) ), totaled R $ 427.18 million, or 15.94%.

In repurchases, price indexed securities (IPCA + Treasury and IPCA + Treasury with Semi-annual Interest) predominated, totaling R $ 781.00 million (46.40%). Selic-indexed securities totaled R $ 674.37 million (40.06%), prefixed securities R $ 227.78 million (13.53%), while IGP-M indexed securities totaled R $ 76.91 one thousand (0.01%).

In terms of maturity, the largest share of sales was concentrated in securities with maturities between 5 and 10 years, which reached 80.06% of the total. Subsequently, investments in securities with maturities over 10 years represented 16.42%, while securities with maturities of 1 to 5 years accounted for 3.52% of the total.


In June 2019, the program's inventory closed at R $ 56.94 billion, an increase of 2.51% over the previous month (R $ 55.54 billion).

Price index-linked securities remain the most representative of the stock, totaling R $ 27.36 billion, or 48.05% of the total. Subsequently, there are Selic indexed securities, totaling R $ 19.61 billion (34.45%), and fixed rate securities, which totaled R $ 9.90 billion, with 17.39% of the total. Finally, the IGP-M indexed securities totaled R $ 63.54 million (0.11%).

Regarding the maturity profile of the securities in stock, the portion maturing within one year ended the month at R $ 613.76 million, or 1.08% of the total. The portion of the inventory falling due from 1 to 5 years was R $ 19.93 billion (34.99%) and the percentage over 5 years totaled R $ 36.40 billion (63.93%).