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Energy concessions generate R $ 16 billion for the government

More investments

Auctions of oil and gas blocks and four hydroelectric plants showed better than expected results

About R $ 16 billion will go into the public coffers due to the energy concessions program. In auctions held on Wednesday (27), the results obtained were evaluated as better than expected by financial market participants and by the government, with goodwill in all operations.

Only in the auction of four hydroelectric plants of Companhia Energética de Minas Gerais (Cemig) , goodwill reached 9.37% on the minimum bid. Now, the hydroelectric plants of São Simão (GO / MG), Jaguara (MG / SP), Miranda (MG) and Volta Grande (MG / SP) will be operated by the private initiative in the next 30 years.

The largest power plant in the package, the São Simão hydroelectric plant was purchased by China's State Power Investment Group, while the Jaguara and Miranda plants will be operated by the Engie Brazil consortium. The Volta Grande plant was already with Enel Brasil.

According to the rules set forth in the bidding, the auction of the projects occurred simultaneously. The winner was the one that offered the highest grant value (or initial fixed contribution, which adds up to the minimum auction value and the offered premium). This amount will be paid at the signing of the contracts.

Through social networks, the President of the Republic, Michel Temer, evaluated the results as positive for the country.

Investments in Brazil

The second auction of the day, the 14th round of oil and gas bids , reinforced this assessment that Brazil has the confidence of investors and has resumed the pace of growth. According to the National Petroleum Agency (ANP), 37 blocks were sold by 17 companies, seven of them foreign. With this operation, R $ 3.8 billion went into the public coffers.

For the director general of the National Agency of Petroleum, Natural Gas and Biofuels (ANP), the result was historic. "A historic day of the oil and gas sector in Brazil. This auction represents the beginning of the resumption of investments, after the biggest crisis that this sector has been in Brazil, "he said.

The return of confidence

According to Finance Minister Henrique Meirelles, figures show that there is a resumption of the economy and that government policy begins to bear fruit in creating the right environment for attracting foreign investment.