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With clear rules, modernization creates environment for job creation


Experts estimate that changes in labor legislation will warm the productive sector, benefit workers and unleash labor justice

Approved by the Federal Senate on Tuesday (11) , the proposal for labor modernization is considered as an advance capable of reversing the scenario of unemployment that exists today in the country. For economists and labor market experts, the changes encourage the productive sector and Should facilitate hiring.

Among the novelties of the text, one of the main is the regularization of the intermittent workday. From now on, it will be possible to remunerate the worker for the period worked, receiving by the hours or daily. For the professor of economics at PUC Rio José Márcio Camargo, this change will facilitate formalization.

"There are sectors of activities whose demand is intermittent, the typical case is construction. At each stage of the work you need a professional. A small company can not hire these people formally by the current rules. With the changes, this formalization will be more feasible, "he said.

Security and competitiveness

With the new wording of the Consolidation of Labor Laws (CLT), the entire production chain will gain in legal security. Especially after the legislation ensure that collective agreements between employees and employers have the value of law. "Until now, employment contracts were no good. From now on, you will have security, "said the teacher.

Similar vision has the president of the Brazilian Chamber of Construction Industry (Cbic) José Carlos Martins. With more clarity in labor legislation, it foresees a decrease in the amount of conflicts between workers and entrepreneurs, generating new job vacancies all over Brazil.

In addition to bringing safety to employers when it comes to hiring, modernization promises competitiveness and business productivity. For the councilor of the Regional Council of Economy of the Federal District Newton Marques, the situation in which the Country is "is the appropriate moment to make these changes".

Social Security

With modernization, experts see other positive consequences. One of them will be the increase in the formalization of jobs and the increase of contribution to Social Security. "Modernization will certainly reduce that number. Often the average citizen does not realize how marginalized he is, "said the CBIC president.

Unions and Labor Justice gain importance after the approval of the proposal. The expert lawyer in labor law José Augusto Queiroz points out that the employee continues with the full right to appeal to Justice when necessary. "In case of disagreements, we have the Judiciary to act. Trade unions can also look after workers' rights. Now, with the flexibility, they can be even more active, "he says.