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Catavento Museum is a great option for children

Local has four sections: Universe, Life, Engineering and Society that surprises with the interactivity of the facilities

Who wants to learn more about science in an interactive way and that instigates children, youth and adults, can not fail to visit the Catavento Museum. The venue offers ludic, social and cultural sessions, object-rich and interactive and informal learning environments.

In the Museum it is possible to touch a real meteorite, to know the human body from the inside, to understand how an energy generator works, or to discover that the Sun, seen from close up, is not as round as it seems.

The site has four sections: Universe, Life, Engineering and Society. In all, videos, panels and models are used as didactic support, but what surprises is the interactivity of some facilities.

"At Catavento, the visitor can choose between different areas of knowledge and go through various subjects in a fun, simple and accessible way. In the Museum, visitors feel at ease in asking, questioning and experimenting with the most varied themes and making a real immersion in knowledge, "says Ana Lima's educational adviser.

Some of the interactive installations can be manipulated without help - panels explain how to do it. Others need guides. They are the educators and monitors who interact in the activities: they organize the games of questions and answers, they demonstrate chemistry experiments, they help to manipulate the contraptions that prove the laws of the physics, they organize the 3D cinema, they explain the illusions of optics, in short, complement the learning experience with competence and friendliness.

For the educator Pedro Jackson, in the Catavento the objective is to privilege the point of view of the visitor, stimulating new discoveries through activities that arouse the interest, in all the ages. "From the first to the last moment, we want to make people instigated to learn more. I understand the Museum not as an end, but as a means to discover new things, "he explains.

For the administrator Janaína da Silva Ribeiro, taking her daughter to know the space was a great idea. "I wanted a place where she could have fun but could also learn. When I chose the Catavento I did not know that I would like it too. It is a space not only for children, but also for adults, "he says.

Already for little Julia Ribeiro, 10 years, the experience was better than she imagined. "I did not expect to find so much cool stuff. I'm sure I'll ask my mother to bring me more times, and we can not see everything, "she says excitedly.

All sections have independent entries. If the desire is to smash the Universe, the visitor can stick to this area and come back in another opportunity to know the rest. If you opt for the complete visit, the trajectory guarantees access to free areas of the Palace of Industries, which airs the walk and gives the opportunity to appreciate the monumental architecture of the construction.

The museum is located in the Palace of Industries, former headquarters of the São Paulo City Hall, in Brás, central region of the city. A full visit can take a whole day and yet the visitor gets the feeling that they have missed something.

Admission is free for all visitors on Saturdays. Almost four million people have already met the institution.