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Aneel auction expected to generate R $ 8.7 billion in investments


All 11 lots offered were sold, and projects should generate investments, jobs and more energy security in Brazil

With investments in the order of R $ 8.7 billion, 11 lots of concession of transmission lines were auctioned  this Friday (15),  by the National Electric Energy Agency (Aneel). This is the second event of its kind and will benefit 10 Brazilian states.

Contrary to what happens in other auctions, in the case of transmission lines the one who offers the lowest bid wins. That is, the lowest Annual Revenue Allowance (RAP), which is how much the company will charge to operate the venture, this is the item taken into account.

In practice, the lower the revenue offered, the lower the cost of energy in those regions, which ultimately benefits the consumer.


The transmission facilities will enter into commercial operation in a term that goes from 36 to 60 months from the respective contracts. The sum of annual revenues to be collected by lot winners was set at R $ 1.5 billion over 30 years from the operation of the lines.

With a discount on offers that stood at around 40%, on average, consumers will deal with smaller light bills in the coming years as the value of annual revenue to be paid by investors is calculated on energy tariffs.

The largest lot offered in the auction, with lines in the state of Paraná, lot 1 was sold by the French company Engie. The company offered R $ 231.7 million to operate 1,146 kilometers in length.

Strong competition

The auction was marked by high competition among foreign participants. In addition to Engie, Celeo, which is controlled by Spaniards, also took the lot that will be responsible for disposing of the wind energy generated in Maranhão.

Lot 3, for example, was taken by the Indian company Sterlite Power Grid Ventures Limited, which will operate 1,831 kilometers in length and will help to connect the North, Northeast and Southeast regions, in addition to contributing to the flow of energy generated by the hydroelectric plant of Belo Monte.

Source: Government of Brazil, with information from Aneel