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Agribusiness exports reach US $ 8.7 billion in March

Foreign trade

In comparison with the same period last year, there was an increase of 4.6%

Agribusiness sales in the foreign market accounted for 43.5% of the total value of Brazilian exports in March. Overall, industry earnings totaled $ 8.73 billion. In comparison with the same period last year, there was an increase of 4.6%.

The balance of agribusiness, which is the difference between exports and imports, was US $ 7.34 billion, almost 2.3% more than in February.


In March, the soybean complex accounted for 46.5% of all agribusiness exports. Then, meat appears, with 15.4%; Forest products, with 10.1%; Sugarcane complex with 8.8%; And coffee, with a 5.8% share. Together, the external sales of the five sectors are equivalent to 86.7% of total exports in March this year.


Asia was the main consumer of Brazilian products in March. The countries of the continent spent US $ 4.65 billion on products of the sector, of which soybeans accounted for 68.1%.

The product contributed the most to the 11.2% growth of Brazilian sales to the region, an increase of US $ 671.76 million compared to March 2016. As a result, the region's share increased from 50.1% In March 2016 to 53.2% in the last month.

China remained the main destination country for Brazilian exports of agricultural products, reaching US $ 3.44 million in March. This amount represented growth of 24.4% in relation to the same month in 2016.


According to the Ministry of Agriculture, exports of the soybean complex grew 16.8% compared to March 2016, totaling US $ 4.06 billion. The largest share of this value corresponds to exports of soybeans in grains, which reached record value and quantity for the month of March, with US $ 3.53 billion (20.8%) and 8.98 million tons (7.2% ).


Meat exports reached US $ 1.35 billion in March, an increase of 9.2% in relation to the same month of the previous year. There was a 5.2% decrease in the amount traded, with 591.72 thousand tons, and an increase in the average price of the products of the sector at the rate of 15.2%. The main item traded in the month was chicken meat, with US $ 644.15 million (11.7%).

Pork exports reached US $ 149.38 million (an increase of 37.9%), with a 4.8% drop in sales volume and an increase of 44.8% in the price of the product in the period. Sales of fresh pork reached a record value for the month of March with a total of US $ 138.31 million. Exports of turkey meat reached US $ 35.37 million with shipments of 13,65 thousand tons.

Forest products, sugar and alcohol

Third, in the ranking of the agribusiness sectors that most exported in value, the forest products presented the sum of US $ 884.01 million, a growth of 7.4% in relation to the US $ 823.48 million obtained in March of the year previous. The main product traded was pulp, with US $ 436.09 million and 1.06 million tons traded, a record volume for the month of March.

The highlights were sales of the sugar-alcohol complex, which reached US $ 770.65 million, an increase of 4.5% when compared to the value exported in March 2016. Sugar sales were the highlight of the sector, with Total of US $ 735.19 million.

The coffee sector was the fifth most agribusiness exported in March. Foreign sales in the sector totaled US $ 509.46 million, an increase of 12,% compared to the same period of the previous year (US $ 454.82 million).