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Invest in Natal

Natal, popularly known as the ‘Sunshine City,’ is the capital of Grande do Norte. The population of this region is approx. 710,000 and is further increasing because of the continuous influx of overseas investors and real estate developers. For an investor looking for stability and progressive growth coupled with unending access to scenic beauty, Natal can prove to be the ideal investing destination.

Following are two major reasons responsible for making Natal an investment hotspot:

1) Booming Tourism Industry:

Of all the Brazilian regions, Natal is the region closest to Europe. Natal is one of the fastest emerging global tourism markets. Natal also provides cheaper options for hotels, restaurants and flights. There are many reasons why prominent airlines and travel companies are offering direct flights and attractive holiday packages respectively to Natal. The region boasts of marvelous and clean beaches with an average temperature of around 30 degrees Celsius. In addition, the fourth-largest airport in the world is being built in Natal and is designed to bring in approx. 5 million travelers every year. The construction of this airport will give a boost to the tourism industry in Natal.

A large number of European tourists (mainly from Spain, Norway, U.K., Germany, Sweden and Portugal) are now visiting Natal. British Airways and American Airlines too are planning to start flights to Natal. Besides, popular holiday companies including Thomson are offering alluring holiday packages and charter flights to Natal at a very reasonable rate. Due to all these factors, the rental rates, land prices and resort demand in Natal are set to soar further. In addition, Brazil is a host for the 2014 FIFA World Cup. During this time, there will certainly be a huge influx of tourists in Natal.

2) Real Estate Market:

The Brazilian government is planning to invest approx. £347.8 million for improving the infrastructure of the city. As per the Association for Real Estate and Tourism Development (ADIT) in the North East of Brazil, Natal is a popular choice for both Brazilians and foreigners. The region is also a hit with second-home buyers. Natal is the hotspot for real estate investors for two reasons as follows:

  • The current local demand
  • The speculated price rise (owing to the infrastructure investment for the FIFA World Cup 2014).

Why buy now?

Natal’s market is ripe for investment purposes. Although its popularity is increasing rapidly, most of the multinational investors have not yet realized its market viability. Presently, the construction labor and materials are available at affordable prices. The construction taxes too are not much higher. With the tourism industry all set to get a boost, these prices are bound to skyrocket. Hence, by investing in Natal now, you can earn huge profits later.

Natal is playing a key role in facilitating the economic growth in Brazil by attracting huge developments such as resorts and golf courses.