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Invest in Manaus

Manaus is the capital city of the Amazonas state of northern Brazil. Situated at the confluence of the Solimões and Negro rivers, it is the most populated city in the state as per the statistics of Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics. It’s the second largest metropolitan region in the northern part of Brazil. The city of Manaus has started gradually increasing its contribution towards the country’s GDP. Presently, it’s one of the 12 most influential Brazilian cities.

Transport Infrastructure of Manaus:

Manaus has a well-developed network of roadways, railways and airways to facilitate the trading of goods and services. 

  • Airports:

Eduardo Gomes International Airport is situated in Manaus. It is Brazil’s third-largest freight movement, and handles both the import as well as export demand from the Manaus Industrial Complex.  Hence, investors intending to import or export business goods to and from Manaus can benefit from this airport. This airport has two terminals-one for regional aviation and the other for scheduled flights. It contains three cargo terminals.

  • Highways:

Two federal highways connect Manaus to the other major regions of the country. BR-174 connects Manaus to Boa Vista and Venezuela. The BR-319 links Manaus to Porto Velho.

  • Port:

The port of Manaus is a major commercial center for the purpose of ocean-going vessels traveling through the Amazon. It’s the primary transport hub for the entire region of the upper Amazon basin.


The rubber industry is one of the major industries of Manaus. Due to its geographical location, Manaus also favors the trade of timber and Brazil-nuts. Other prominent industries in this region include soap-manufacturing, petroleum refining and chemicals. Over the past few decades a well-designed system of federal investments and tax incentives has strengthened the status of the region as an investment destination. Investors looking to start a venture in this region can reap the benefits of Manaus’ investor-friendly policies.

Popular and reputed mobile phone companies such as Siemens, Nokia, Gradiente, Sgem and BenQ-Siemens have their mobile phone manufacturing plants in this region. Various other esteemed electronics manufacturers including Sony, LG and Samsung, have set up their plants in Manaus. In addition, plastic lens manufacturer Essilor has its plant in this region. Amazon Veiculos, a Brazilian sport utility vehicle manufacturer, has its headquarters in Manaus.


Tourism industry is also a key factor instrumental in the economic growth of the region. Being a cosmopolitan city, Manaus attracts a considerable amount of both national and foreign tourists. Mercedo Adolpho Lisboa, the city’s oldest marketplace, is one of the major tourist attractions. Other prominent historical sites in this region include the Justice Palace, the Rio Negro Palace cultural center and the customs building inspired by medieval-period architecture.

Manaus has tour boats that tourists can use to travel and see the confluence of the two rivers. Manaus also boasts of popular parks including Parque do Mindú and Bosque da Ciência. All these serve as key tourist attraction centers and fascinate the visitors from different parts of the world. Investors looking to invest in the Manaus tourism industry can reap huge benefits later.