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Invest in Fortaleza

Fortaleza is the capital city of the Ceará state in Brazil. With an area of 313 square kilometers, it is Brazil’s fifth largest city and has one of the highest demographic densities in Brazil. 

The city of Fortaleza is a perfect mix of the modern and old culture. It also has a historic area that boasts of beautiful forts. The main city area has many popular restaurants and shopping malls. Fortaleza beaches are heavenly and a perfect destination for people looking to spend some peaceful and quality time.

Currently, Fortaleza provides wide and diversified options when it comes to spaces. This facilitates the promotion of many kinds of events, ranging from business meetings to both national and international fairs. The Convention Center in Fortaleza is the most equipped and biggest space available for conducting the events in Fortaleza.

Reasons for Investing in Fortaleza:

1) The real estate property market problem in the UK, and the increasing prices of the vacation homes in the Mediterranean and Southern Europe, are making Brazil a hot favorite destination for the investors. This is because the property rates in Brazil are much lower than the property rates in the UK and many other European countries.

2) In Brazil, a person can purchase a flat for as little as 75,000 pounds. A flat of the same area can cost approx. 200,000 pounds or more. A beach lodge in Fortaleza costs just around 5,000 to 7,000 pounds.

3) Besides, the cost of living in Fortaleza is relatively much less in comparison to that in Spain or any other country in Southern Europe.

4) Luxury apartment buildings and residential resorts in Fortaleza contain all the essential amenities that are available in any developed European country but at a much larger price. In addition concierge, house help and twenty-four hour security are all available at an affordable cost in Brazil.

5) This is the right time to invest in the Fortaleza property market, as the market price in Fortaleza is still unsaturated. In addition, the property market in Fortaleza has a tremendous potential for growth and profit. Hence, by investing in the real estate market of Fortaleza, you can earn huge profits later.

6) Fortaleza has a bolstering real estate industry with soaring rental avenues. The continuous and consistent growth of the region is attracting many major investors to build community resorts, luxury apartments, residential resorts and flats. Brazil’s currency is another major cause responsible for attracting investors from the UK. 1 pound equals aprox. 3.43 Brazil real. This implies that the British investors can obtain more bang for their money.

7) Tourism is another key factor responsible for the economic growth of the region.

8) The location of Fortaleza too is an added advantage for the investors. Great Britain is just at a distance of around 8 hours from Fortaleza.

With so many beneficial features, Fortaleza can indeed be a paradise for the investors. For people looking for the right place to invest their money, Fortaleza can prove an ideal option.