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Invest in Belem

Belem, Capital city of Brazilian state Para, is located on the banks of the Amazon estuary in the northern regions of Brazil. The city’s name means Bethlehem in Portuguese, which means the city where Jesus Christ was born. Belem lies 100 km upriver from the Atlantic Ocean and is part of the greater Amazon River system. The city has an abundant collection of Mango trees throughout the city and is popularly known as City of Mango trees. As per the IBGE survey conducted in 2008, there were about 2,139,000 people living in the Metropolitan regions of Belem. The city has a good mix of people from diverse ethnic and cultural backgrounds.

Belem is an import port city of Brazil. The city is the gateway to the Amazon. The city witnessed tremendous growth in size and significance during the 19th century mainly due to the boom in rubber production and export form the city. Today, the city is one of the important commercial cities in Brazil. The city’s port is extensively used for export of several Brazilian Products, especially agricultural products and mineral exports.

The city of Belem has good reserves of some of the top quality mineral reserves in Brazil. There are several mineral reserves that are yet to be explored. Thus, there is a great opportunity for foreign investors to invest in the Mineral industry of Belem. Investment opportunity lies in extraction and processing of Minerals. Being a port city, the export of these minerals would be easy. Thus, investing here would be doubly advantageous for foreign investment.

With a view to promote tourism and attract foreign investment in the city, the Federal government of Brazil has made constant effort to develop the infrastructure of the city. The government has made investment to develop the city as a popular tourist destination by promoting eco-tourism in the city. Hence, foreign investors can consider investing in the tourism sector of Belem.

The government’s initiative to promote tourism and the developing infrastructure has attracted many immigrants to the city. This in turn has escalated the demand for housing facilities in the city. Hence, foreign investors can invest in the real estate sector of Belem. Foreign investors investing in Belem are subject to enjoy tax benefits and other incentives granted by the Federal Government of Brazil. Thus, investing in the real estate sector of Belem is doubly profitable for foreign investors. Investing in construction of residential buildings, building luxurious villas, apartments and building promises good returns.

A significant part of the city is covered by the Amazon rainforest. These rainforests are very rich source for a variety of natural products – nuts, berries, fruits, timber etc. Hence, foreign investors can also consider investing in the forestry industry of Belem.

The forests in Belem are known for providing a very popular berry – Acai berry of the highest quality. Acai berry is a very popular ingredient used in a variety of health beverages. Hence, foreign investors can make optimum use of Acai berry and can consider investing in setting up of an Acai berry processing unit or Acai berry beverage manufacturing unit.

Thus, the city of Belem in Brazil offers foreign investors wide varieties of options to invest in. The city has all the essential ingredients to become one of the most important commercial hubs in Brazil. Hence, investing in Belem foreign investors is set to gain profitable returns.

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